In Pictures: Snow Snow and more Snow

The last few days of snow have been enjoyable for many, and it was great to see so many people getting out and enjoying the novelty of so much snow … however, after three days  stuck inside, some are complaining about cabin fever! Now that the snow is disappearing, we thank all those that sent us photos and tagged in photos and videos. We didn’t have time to put them all up individually, so they are all here together:

These lads built this ten foot monster was in the Town Park

The Square

West End

Main Street after it had just started snowing on Thursday

The bottom of Drishane Hill


This was definitely the tallest snowman around.

… though there was an 8 foot snowman in Laught!

The newest member of the Pitch and putt

Shane has photos from Tanyard Wood

The Butter Road over Mushera is really only passable to tractors and similar vehicles

Posted by Tóg go bog é on Sunday, March 4, 2018


The Kelt will make it to your event, even if it means Connie ends up in the ditch numerous times (click the ‘watch on facebook’ link):

We even got a new Garda for the week

First Snowplough in Millstreet

Snow tubes being pulled by a car with snow tyres in Tanyard Wood. Lots of fun we are sure, but not really to be recommended (click the ‘watch on facebook’ link):

An Igloo in Rathcoole

In the Square

Here are links to some other albums that couldn’t be added here:
Drishane Graveyard

Comeenatrush Waterfall Frozen
Ronan and Chris clearing the footpaths on Main Street
Rathcoole Village


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