A Snow Day Tradition

It’s been a few years since we had a proper snow day in Millstreet, so when the opportunity arose on Friday there was a fine crowd, young and old, keeping up the tradition of tobogganing down the Deer Park.
They came early though. It started snowing about 10pm on Thursday, and by 1am there were a dozen or more already on the hill. And they came in big numbers on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the melt had begun, and only two were spotted on the hill, but only for a few minutes as they obviously discovered what sliding down on wet snow was like !


Of course tobogganing happens on other hills too. This was at Liscahane

1 thought on “A Snow Day Tradition”

  1. Sincere thanks, Michael, for sharing such an excellent video giving the many of us who are house-bound at the moment an insight into that great tradition of such fun on Cashman’s Park. I recall in the 1980s recording an image of the very fit Kevin Bickerdyke using ski equipment – It possibly was 1982. Millstreet’s version of the “Winter Olympics”! Following later – the Snow Event from Mount Leader.

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