Denis Lucey and Nora O’Connell

My maternal grandparents — Dennis Anthony Lucey and Nora O’Connell — were born in County Cork. Dennis’ birth may be August 1, 1869 at Horsemount, Kilcarney in Millstreet while Nora’s birth is approximately 1871 in Macroom. Dennis’ parents may be John Lucey and Hannah Toomey. I will be coming to Cork this June and it would be a pleasure to discover family connections, so any suggestions, clues or leads in this search will be greatly appreciated.
Dennis and Nora met in San Francisco, California and married in approximately 1900.

Brian Hassett, Auburn, California.


Admin’s notes:

These are the all the Denis Luceys born in the Millstreet are from 1864-1880. Possible matches are in bold:

  1. Denis Lucey was born to John Lucey and Johanna Twomey of Clonbanin on September 18th 1866 [ref] [ancestry tree]
  2. Denis Lucey born to Denis Lucey and Catherine Healy of Ivale (close to Horsemount in Kilcorney) on October 11th 1866 [ref]
  3. Denis Lucey born to John Lucey and Mary Murphy of South Horsemount on September 8th 1866 [ref] [ancestry tree]
  4. Denis Lucey born to Denis Lucey and Katherine Murphy of Ballinkeen on December 1st 1869 [ref]
  5. Denis Lucey born to Jeremiah Lucey and Mary Buckley of Coolnahillagh on November 24th 1873 [ref]
  6. Denis Lucey born to Timothy Lucey and Honora Keeffe on April 22nd 1877 [ref]


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