Art Exhibition opens

Milllstreet’s Bertie and Bill Buckley are currently hosting an Art and Wood Exhibition showcasing a fascinating display over four days with the public welcome to attend. The pop up gallery is a must on the staging at Pat McCarthy’s former TV Shop, in The Square, Millstreet.
Opening night drew a representative attendance from across Duhallow with a cheese and wine reception greeting patrons. Many of Bertie’s exhibits depicts local landmarks and nature, also featured at the exhibition are wood carvings by Bill Buckley from Lyre.
The event continues on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm daily.


1 thought on “Art Exhibition opens”

  1. A likeable fellow unshackled by conceit
    Bertie Buckley nowadays is the talk of Millstreet
    Along with his namesake wood carver Bill Buckley in Millstreet Town their work on display
    Two leading artists in their own fields in the Duhallow of today

    The popular things in Duhallow are sports and country music and more of the same
    For an artist not the ideal launch pad to wealth and to fame
    Artists always seem to do better in city and big town
    Though due to his hard work and talent Bertie in Duhallow is creating his own renown

    Far beyond the borders of Duhallow’s old green countryside
    Bertie for his excellent realist paintings has become known Worldwide
    True art does not have borders it travels to elsewhere
    To the bigger cities of the big World out there

    That he is one who loves and is inspired by Nature it does seem this way
    His paintings on the landscapes and waterways and wildlife of Duhallow so much of him does say
    His amazing gifts with the World Bertie Buckley does share
    And sad to think that people like him nowadays are so rare

    Of more realist artists the Human World is in need
    And the people of Duhallow to have an artist of the calibre of Bertie Buckley are quite lucky indeed
    Such a talented and likeable fellow and free of conceit
    Born and raised and living in the Town of Millstreet.

    “The Talk Of Millstreet” is by Francis Duggan

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