Upcoming Events

Wednesday 31st January
Grandparents Day in the Presentation NS, 10am

Saturday 3rd February
Systematic Kinesiology Course, starts 3rd February
Cullen GAA Social in the East Avenue Hotel, Killarney

Tuesday February 6th
Crime Prevention Meeting, 8pm in the Wallis Arms Hotel

Friday 17th February
Shave or Dye Night in Aid of Celina’s trip to India

3rd March
Slí Gaeltacht half Marathon – 3rd March 2018, 12pm

Sunday 18th March
TechWorks Festival 2018 in the Green Glens
Clara Mountain Run

Sunday 25th March
Spring Horse Trials

Tuesday 27th March
Millstreet International Welcome Tour – Part One
(27th-29th March)

Saturday 31st March
Millstreet International Welcome Tour – Part Two
 (31st March-2nd April)

Sunday 8th April
Spring Horse Trials

Wednesday 15th August
Millstreet International Horse Show 2018
(15th-19th August)

Wednesday 22nd August 2018
FEI Nations Cup Eventing Series – at Green Glens (22nd-26th August)

Friday 26th October
Owners Pony and Young Riders Charity Show 2018
 (26th-28th October)



Every Week

We’re propogating this at the moment, there’s lots missing, so please let us know if you’d like to be listed



  • Set Dancing in Aubane 9:15pm


  • Zumba with Liene 8pm in the GAA Hall
  • 45 Drive at the Canon O Donovan Centre every Tuesday night at 9. Proceeds to the Centre  Fund


Set Dancing Classes in Ballydaly Hall


  • Bingo in Millstreet GAA Hall
  • Singing with the Community Singers at the Parish Centre at 7.30
  • Nimble Fingers Craft Group meet at the Lighthouse 7pm. All welcome.




  • Draw for the Parish Lotto – every Sunday night in one of the local pubs (see Eily’s report for the location)

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Events”

  1. Hi,
    I’m just wondering could you tell me when the feast day of St. Johns mass will be on in the well
    Kind regards

      1. Hi Janet !
        I think it’s celebrated the same time as “Bonefire Night ” ,
        at least that’s how it was in Cork City !
        Bonefire on on St. John’s Eve, 22/06,
        Feast of St. John , 23/06 !
        That’s to the best of my recollection ,
        Hope this information is of some Assistance to you ?
        Regards ; Donal :::

  2. What is being planned–if anything–for the 6th of December, 2021? This will be the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the Agreement to form the Republic of Ireland within a year from that date.
    Will there be any recognition/celebration?
    Or will it all wait for the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the Constitution on December 6th, 2022?

  3. The Agreement signed on 6 December 1921 did not form a Republic . It formed a Dominion and abolished the Republic that had been voted for and fought for. So what is to celebrate?

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