1901 Census for Millstreet

Genealogists and family historians all over will be delighted to hear that the 1901 census of Ireland (31 March 1901) has been online for some two weeks now. There are only two complete censuses relating to Ireland: those conducted in 1901 and 1911.  The 1911 census went online just under a year ago, and contains slightly more information about each individual, but the 1901 census includes the following:

  • Name and surname
  • Relation to head of family
  • Religious profession
  • Education
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Rank, profession or occupation
  • Marital status
  • Where born
  • Irish Language
  • Specified illnesses

The census is hosted on the nationalarchives.ie website, and you can navigate the Census in two ways:

  1. Using the Search facility on the site, or by
  2. Browsing Millsteet’s District Electoral Divisions of the time (map below): Coomlogane, Drishane, Keale, Caherbarnagh, Cullen, Derragh, Crinnaloo, Rathcool, Skagh, Kilcorney (listed as Kilcarney),  Doonasleen, Knocknagree, while half of Dromtarriffe Parish is in the Kanturk area in the form of  Rosnalea, and Coolclough.

Note: The town of Millstreet is split down the middle (at the bridge) by Coomlogane and Drishane DED’s.

Dispensary Districts & District Electoral Divisions in Co. Boroughs & Urban Districts (1912) [Full Map] [All DED Maps]

Listed below are all the local Electoral Divisions (14) and all of the townlands (220):










Kilcarney (Kilcorney)



Rosnalea (Dromtarriffe Parish)

Coolclough (Dromtarriffe Parish)

5 thoughts on “1901 Census for Millstreet”

  1. Irish Fireside ( http://www.IrishFireside.com ) announced JUST today that: “Mary Hanafin T.D., Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sportwill travel to New York on June 28th to celebrate the launch of the website containing the full 1901 Census of Ireland”.

    BUT, http://www.millstreet.ie BEAT ’em all!

    Congrats and Thank You for the INVALUABLE service that you provide to those of us Yanks that are interested in the area.

    And take a bow for having beaten everyone else to the punch!


    1. Thanks Bob … but it’s 2 weeks since Mary Hanafin launched it in Dublin … so we’re actually very late with the article! … but politicians love to associate themselves with good news, even if it means travelling to the USA

  2. Thank You all so much for taking the time and much effort in making this wonderful website of Millstreet and surrounding areas. I miss My Grand Mother Margaret McSweeny Healy Kennedy very very much !!! the 1901 Census was fantastic as I now have 14 names of the Healy children. Some at that date were married or out on their own. Thank You Oh so much. This website makes me feel like my Nana is still with us. God Bless and Many Thanks ! xoxoxo

  3. hi margaret, the 1911 census may also help your information, and the baptism, death and marriage details for Millstreet Parish from the 1800s may also give you more information. glad you enjoyed the site, there’s a bit of work in it sometimes but it’s worth it when people enjoy it.

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