Where the Road Takes Me

We thank John Greene for the following advance information re this evening’s C103 programme at 7pm.  (S.R.)

There is no doubt but that Tom Crean from Annascaul in County Kerry was an
unsung hero of the heroic age of Polar Exploration. He joined Captain Scott
and Ernest Shackleton on three of the four great British expeditions to the
Antarctic. His landing of the James Caird lifeboat on South Georgia in May
of 1916, having navigated 800 nautical miles through icy winds and
mountainous seas in the Antarctic, is still regarded as one of the greatest
feats of seamanship ever.

This week on Where the road takes me, John Greene begins a two part
programme which looks at the life of this indestructible and courageous

In programme two, we meet his Grand-daughter Aileen Crean-o’Brien and her
partner Bill Sheppard, who attempted to follow in her Grand-father’s
footsteps, one hundred years exactly after his arduous journey in 1916.

Accompanied also by her two sons Cian and Morgan, their story is both of
adventure and misadventure on the Southern Ocean and on the island of South

‘Following in the footsteps of Tom Crean – programme One – this Sunday
evening at 7, on Where the road takes me on C103.


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