Catherine Composes Superb Poem “The Hospital”

We were delighted to receive the above poem superbly composed recently by Catherine Tarrant. Click on the image to enlarge. (S.R.)

The Hospital
There is a town
All in a cosy spot
‘Tis the lovely town of Millstreet
Once the richest in County COrk
Now they have a mansion
Of the finest sort
It is the hospital
That will never be forgot
The staff are gentle, kind and true
They never grumble
About all the work
They have to do
They are civil willing and obliging
When they are offended
They are most forgiving
There is no black sheep
Among the flock
They are a truthful as a rock
No where is better to be found
This is as sure
As the world is round

by Catherine Tarrant 9th October 2017

2 thoughts on “Catherine Composes Superb Poem “The Hospital””

  1. You have never failed to deliver. You have an amazing talent and we very proud of you.
    Best mom in the world.
    Keep composing.
    From all of your children.

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