O’Donoghue/O’Leary Ballinagree/Kilcorney

Hi all! I’m looking for more info on Jeremiah O’Donoghue b 1842 and married Catherine O’Leary b 1857. They left for NZ in around 1877 and I’m pretty good for info from that point on. It’s the Irish end I’m struggling with.
Jeremiah parents were Jeremiah and Ellen nee Walsh. I’ve heard they had a farm at Horsemount/Kilcorney. He had at least one sister, Julia, who married Catherine’s brother, Dan O’Leary.
The O’Leary family lived at Ballinagree. I’ve heard that Catherine decided to get back in touch with her older brother Timothy in her later years, saying “there’s been a Tim O’Leary on that farm for 400 years, there’ll be one there now!” Apparently, he was still there.
Are there any cousins of mine still around the area? Where were these farms? Are they still in family hands?
from Ireland XO

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  1. Hi as you can see Im O Donoghue…ill ask my family and see if they know of any connection. We are from very near that area.

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Michael,
    Thats so interesting, I was just asking my mum what happened to the O’Learys who emigrated to New Zealand! I did an online search and found your post! O’Leary Ballinagree farm sold to the Forestry after my grandmother passed away. The house still exists in poor repair and we were there early this year for a walk. Its such a lovely place. My grand parents O Learys, Tim and Hannah lived here. I am very interested to hear from the NZ side.

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