John Twomey The Poet Of Ivale

When i was a boy he was in his physical prime
But this is going back many decades in time
With words he was one who did have a way
And many of his poems and songs are living today

Beyond the green borders of the Duhallow countryside
John Twomey The Poet Of Ivale was known far and wide
In song and verse Duhallow and it’s people by him glorified
To know of a poet of his stature to many was a sense of pride

But sadly in Kilcorney he did not stay
And if living he would be an old man today
Duhallow’s bard of the people when i was a boy
His poems and songs to many remain as a source of joy

Though in the flesh him i never did meet
He was famous when i was a boy in Millstreet
His poems by many recited and his songs often sung
Time leaves all feeling older but memories remain young

The poems and songs have withstood the test of time
Of John Twomey Duhallow’s last laureate of rhyme
There is none in Duhallow quite like him today
With words he was one who did have a way.

by Francis Duggan

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