Millstreet Museum & Millstreet Website Collection Generously Supported

Sincere thanks to everyone who so very generously contributed to our recent Church gate Collection for Millstreet Museum and Millstreet Website.   This includes those who sent donations by post, those who provided substantial cheques and those who indicated uplifting appreciation for our efforts in providing services in both the Museum and Website.   The total amount collected was a most impressive €1,922.88.  Heartfelt thanks for helping us to maintain these local services.   Patrick W. O’Leary of Louisville, Kentucky, USA whose generosity is much appreciated comments:  “The Millstreet Website is our excellent window to Millstreet daily life in a very real sense and such a connection is of great important to people worldwide.” Patrick has (as well as others) suggested that an opportunity should be given to people nationally and internationally who may at any time wish to contribute towards the upkeep of these services and to this effect we have arranged to set up an electronic system with the Bank of Ireland here in Millstreet (where our Museum/Website account exists) whereby anyone can transfer a desired donation to the account by just quoting at one’s own Bank our relevant numbers which are:   IBAN No.: IE22 BOFI 9058 0334 0531 43 and the BIC No.: BOFIIE2D.   Click on the images below to enlarge.  (S.R.)

2 thoughts on “Millstreet Museum & Millstreet Website Collection Generously Supported”

  1. Sean,
    Thank you for posting and congratulations on a successful collection.

    I was glad to hear you received my donation and I encourage my fellow Americans with a connection to Millstreet also to make a donation. The website and Facebook page are my window into Millstreet and Ireland. I enjoy looking at all the great pictures and reading the wonderful stories.
    I will be in town in a few weeks. When I arrive, because of the website, I know what has been going on in Millstreet. During my previous trips I have been at the Wallis Arms having a meal and have recognized people that were featured on the website.

    I am proud of my Irish roots that started in Millstreet and I want to help support the community.

    Cheers !

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