Some Words of Thanks

We have just returned to the US after a most memorable trip to the Millstreet area, where with the help of and Michael in particular we were able to make connections with third- and fourth-cousins in the Buckley family of Rathcoole and nearby. We learned a tremendous amount about the Buckleys and their history during this trip, but even more importantly we had the opportunity to meet a large number of wonderful people in the Rathcoole-Millstreet area, all of whom were as welcoming and helpful as they could be. We were very warmly embraced by Mary Buckley of Rathcoole and her beautiful family, and had the experience of a lifetime while we were there. and the members of the Millstreet area community can rightly be proud of the tremendous gifts they are giving to the area’s prodigal sons and daughters who are at last wandering home in search of their Irish roots.

Bob Kenney

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  1. Hi to all in, What a wonderful few days we had with our cousins from the U.S.A. and what a great time we all had completing a Family Tree which had many branches missing over the years and through the help of Bob and Wendy we have a great Tree with many branches which started its roots in Rathcoole away back to 1833 so a great result to a missing link found through your great website. Thanks a million for your help and we have memories that will last forever including the mass said by Fr. Tom for the many Buckleys gone to their eternal reward was so moving for everyone who came to be with us on the night.

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