Help Needed with an Old Photo – resolved !!

Recently, I spent several hours looking through photos in the Millstreet Museum. I was thrilled when I found one that included my Dad. I was wondering if I could get some help from the Millstreet community in identifying the others in this picture. My Dad, Timothy Joseph Kelleher (b. 1933 in Liscreagh) is standing, fourth in from the far right. I know that Noel C. Duggan and Willie Neenan were in my Dad’s class but I think this picture includes younger guys also. My Dad was very proud of the fact that he stayed in school and did his Leaving Cert. Would love to find a picture of his Leaving Cert class, if it exists, but any and all info about this picture would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your help, Bridget.

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Many thanks to Ted Hickey for the names and and Bridget for her help in resolving this old photo. (Sept 1st 2018)

Back Row: 1. Brendan Lande,  2.Toddy Dennehy. 3. Michael O Leary. 4. Jim Cronin. 5. Micky Corkery. 6. Willie Neenan. 7. Willie Hickey(maybe). 8. Timmy Kelleher. 9. Joe Hickey. 10. Willie Mc Sweeney. 11. Paddy Philpot.
Middle Row: 12 Paddy Moynihan. 13. Paddy Murphy. 14. Andy O Sullivan. 15 Dominic Cronin. 16. Tadhg Justice. 17. Con Buckley. 18. John D Neenan. 19. Dick Pomeroy. 20. Eamonn Breen.
Front Row: 21 Bernie O Byrne. 22. Christie Dennehy(maybe). 23 Leo Ryan. 24. John O Leary. 25. Neil Healy. 26. Mossie O Connor. 27. Ted Hickey. 28. Jackie O Halloran.

Request originally posted on July 27th 2017


Brendan Lande lived in Dromagh where his father was the sergeant of the Guards. He was later employed by Teilifís Éireann in Donnybrook  [read: where Brendan helped a 1963 rescue at Kippure]

14 thoughts on “Help Needed with an Old Photo – resolved !!”

  1. Bridget, I can name all but two guys in the photo. If you email me I can give you the details.
    Ted Hickey.

    1. Ted, My father was Timothy Patrick Kelleher and he was born in Millstreet in 1932. Is he in this picture by chance. It is hard to tell as I do not have many pictures of him this young. Best, Craig Kelleher

      1. Craig, there is no Timothy Patrick Kelleher in this photo. I may have known your father outside of school but I do not recall anybody of that name attending the secondary school around the time that the photo was taken.
        Ted Hickey.

    2. Ted, if you can name them you might as well send the info to Seán Radley. I’ve re-created the photo with numbers on all of the people so you can reference them on the side. I can’t find a way to upload this photo as part of the comment., so contact me and I’ll email it to you.
      I’m betting that Tim Shea can identify the other 2 that you’re missing.

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