Clara The Old Hill

Clara the old hill that ever looks down
On Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra and Millstreet Town
Inspired long deceased writers over decades of time
To idolize it in their stories and rhyme

Long before the first people to Hibernia came
Clara the old hill was without a name
Bracken and heather on it’s face did grow
Just like the Clara today that we know

In the prime of Summer in sunny July
When larks over Clara do sing in the sky
People climb the old hill whortleberries to eat
The tiny blue berries to the taste buds a treat

Those born in view of Clara who from it lives far away
On their flights of fancy do climb it today
And they remember eyes moistened with tears
Of the famed landmark of their younger years

Though people to life come and from life do go
Time to the mountains is never a foe
As old as the hills as the wise used to say
This timeless saying remains relevant today

Overlooking the Town and the fields near Millstreet
Of the green countryside where the waterways meet
The inspiration of story and rhyme
Clara the old hill has not aged in time.

by Francis Duggan


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