Official Reopening of Truly Magnificent Millstreet Day Care Centre Today

Damien Bradley & Tony McCarthy putting the finishing touches to their hugely impressive project at Millstreet Day Care Centre which has been inspired by Mary Feeley and her wonderfully dedicated Team. The attention to detail by Damien, Tony & Mary is hugely inspirational. The New Centre will totally delight All who will be attending the official reopening from 2 to 4 pm today (28th May 2017).  The original Canon O’Donovan Centre opened on 18th Dec. 1994 has been a true gem in our community…Now the exquisite development has brought it to a new most impressive level. Click on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)
Some of the many who attended Millstreet Gramophone Circle Bealtaine presentation on Friday night. Presenter Tim Murphy who shared a marvellous programme is seated in centre.

1 thought on “Official Reopening of Truly Magnificent Millstreet Day Care Centre Today”

  1. Hi to all, What a wonderful achievement for such a dedicated team but then again they have a great leader in |Mary. For a town that looks after its elderly we must be so proud. Hope I can make it back before the day is over as I must see the improvements for myself, I was there when her excellency Mary Robinson President of Ireland opened it way back in 1991. That was a great evening and today will be the same I,m sure. Well done again to all. Mary

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