In Johnny Hickey’s Grove

A long time ago and from here far away
In Johnny Hickey’s grove in Inchaleigh children’s games we did play
As primary school-goers long before our lives prime
This is going back the years more than six decades in time

Only memories of them with me now do stay
The friends of my childhood where are they today?
Since we all had to follow our lives destiny
Though i often do wonder where today they might be

Not everyone’s life story in book form told
And it is true not all children do live to grow old
Not all of the children of Johnny Hickey’s grove are living today
Some of them at peace where the deceased now lay

The past just a memory of Seasons long gone
And time does not wait it just keeps ticking on
Though the bodies grow old good memories as young remain
And in Johnny Hickey’s grove we play children’s games again

Whenever i hear children laughing at play
My thoughts carry me to a spot far away
Johnny Hickey’s grove near the Town of Millstreet
Where my young friends of the past i feel happy to meet.

by Francis Duggan

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