Noel C. Climbs Clara Mountain on Sunday

To conquer Clara Mountain in one’s 60s is a mighty achievement but to climb Clara Mountain in one’s 80’s is quite magnificent . Well, that’s what Noel C. Duggan did last Sunday. Here he is pictured on the summit beside the Cross with June and Kevin Lucey while below he is photographed on Monday as he continues to work on his Shop Refubishment Project at The Bridge, Millstreet.  The previous time Noel C. was on Clara Mountain was in Eurovision Year 1993 when National Geographic Magazine featured him on a horse on top of the mountain (below)!  Click on the images to enlarge. We thank June Lucey for the Clara picture. (S.R.)

Noel C. Duggan sits on top of Oscar on top of Clara in 1993 … a version of the one that appeared on National Geographic at the time [amaz]

4 thoughts on “Noel C. Climbs Clara Mountain on Sunday”

  1. Proud of Noel c Kevin and June are still only children,last time I climbed clarabfroom the front must be 50 yrs ago.the lovely Ann Duggan was non the hill that day

  2. My Dad, who passed in 2005, was a classmate of Noel’s. I’m visiting Millstreet in June with my family and am thinking about climbing Clara in memory of him. I’ve done Croagh Patrick. Could anyone tell me how they compare, difficulty wise.

    1. If you rate Croagh Patrick 8/10 in difficulty then Clara
      will be 1/10 and a lovely way to pass an hour or two

  3. Well done Noel C, but then again anything you do is just breath taking. You are an inspiration to us all who have the pleasure of knowing you. You are a Mighty Man though small in stature and have such a large heart. Best wishes always to you and Maureen. (Hope you liked the flowers!!) xx Mary.

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