Millstreet Féile Cheoil 2017

As we are a community organisation, we rely on your help to run these events. We fully appreciate all our volunteers and the more people who come on board, the less we all have to do. This year we are looking for more competition clerks to come on board – your job would be to help the judge with the smooth running of the competition. Or, you may want to stay out of the limelight – that’s OK too. You can help with venue set up and tidy up after, cleaning trophies or with our catering team. 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss our

Simply <email>?subject=I%20would%20love%20to%20be%20involved&body=Hello%20Millstreet%20Comhaltas%2C%0A%0AI%20would%20love%20to%20help%20on%20the%20F%C3%A9ile%20Cheoil%20weekend.%0A%0AI%20am%20available%20to%20help%20for%20the%20concert%20on%20Saturday%20%2F%20F%C3%A9ile%20Cheoil%20on%20Sunday%20%2F%20Both%20(delete%20as%20applicable)%0A%0AI%20would%20be%20good%20at%20(name%20preferred%20job)%20and%20am%20available%20from%20(insert%20time).%0A%0AMy%20name%20is%3A%0AMy%20contact%20number%20is%3A%0A%0AI%20look%20forward%20to%20hearing%20from%20you.">click here to reply to us with an indication of when you are available and what job you would like to do.


Timetable for the Féile Cheoil will be published on our Facebook page, or you can request a copy by emailing <email>


This year we are also holding a workshops in fiddle, box, concertina, singing and tinwhistle/flute on Saturday 1st April. From 10am – 1pm, the workshops are aimed at musicians who have been playing for a few years. Cost is €20. More details on our facebook page or by emailing <email>

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