“Where the Road Takes Me” This Evening at 7 on C103

We thank Presenter supreme, John Greene, for the following advance information on this evening’s C103 radio feature.  (S.R.)

One of the first clubs in Ireland to field a team of professionals, and the longest surviving League of Ireland club in the city, Cork City Football Club was founded in 1984. Their 33 year history however has been a mixture of success on the field of play, and some financial trouble off it, including entering a period of examinership.

But Cork City fans are rated second to none, proof of which was evident in 2010 when Cork City supporters set about rescuing their club. A licence under Cork City Foras Co-Op was awarded to the fans who entered a team in the League of Ireland First Division. Two years later they were promoted back to the premiership division.

In the first of a two part programme on ‘Where the road takes me’, John Greene visits the club to find out how this rescue plan worked both on and off the field. The manner in which it was achieved has attracted the attention of much bigger clubs across Europe who now seek Cork City’s help and advice.

Cork City Football Club is now part of the ‘Erasmus Plus project’, which involves six member clubs across Europe who learn from each other. Schalke-Zero-Four, one of the biggest clubs in Europe and with a membership of 140,000 are also involved in the project. They arrive in Cork in April to learn from Cork City FC with a membership of 400.

From Examinership to Premiership – The story of Cork City Football club – the first of two programmes on Where the road takes me, this Sunday evening at 7, on C103.

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