6 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day 2017 in Millstreet – Part One”

  1. What lovely photographs Seanie of our special day, you sure were busy. Pity about the weather but that didnt fail us to turn up. It is a lovely town and I think the best window is the one with Saint Patricks story in Lego – one window well worth reading for young and old. Well done to all involved.

  2. Sean,
    Thank you for posting all the wonderful pictures of the St. Patrick’s Day parade. At some point I will be in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t want to be in Dublin with all the crazy drunk tourists. I would rather be in Millstreet.


    1. Hi Pat, Them drunks are in Millstreet too I,m sorry to say. You would enjoy Millstreet though even in the rain.

      1. Mary,

        No doubt that I would encounter drunks on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland in every county. There is a live webcam that shows the Temple Bar area. I logged on St. Patrick’s Day … it was wall to wall people. I would much prefer to be in Millstreet. Maybe next year.
        When I was in Ireland last year my room at the Wallis Arms faced the road. Both Saturday night’s I experienced a number of folks enjoying a few pints and being very loud. It was all part of the experience of being in Ireland on a Saturday night.

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