View of Millstreet from Clara Mountain

Millstreet Town (Sráid an Mhuilinn in Irish) is a town in north-west County Cork, Ireland. It is situated in the very south of the barony of Duhallow, nestled between the Derrynasaggart Mountains and the Boggeragh Mountains, with the river Blackwater running nearby, to the north of the town.

The town has a population of approximately 1,400, and the surround countryside and villages add on another 3,000 to that number, made up mostly of locals and some non-natives who have arrived here in the last 10 years.

The town of Millstreet grew up in the 18th century – as its name implies – around the little mill situated on the Station Road and it became the center of parish life.  As the town grew, it became the center of local market activity and the town grew.

“Before 1736, the place consisted only of an inn, a mill, and five small cabins: it has now one long street, with several smaller ones diverging from it, and contains 312 houses, the greater number of which, though small, are neatly built. It is situated on the south side of the Blackwater, amidst the lofty mountains of Muskerry, and derives its principal support from being a great thoroughfare.” – [Lewis 1837]

Millstreet became internationally famous when it staged the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest at the Green Glens Arena, after which everyone in Ireland knew where Millstreet was.

There have been many other events at the Green Glens, including: various large showjumping competitions, music festivals, concerts, caravaning conventions, national dairy shows, Disney on Ice, boxing contests, a European juggling convention, gymkhanas, amongst others.

Millstreet has been twinned with Pommerit-le-Vicomte in Brittany, France since 1985, and there are regular trips in both directions.

Millstreet Country Park was founded in 1995 and has developed into the top local tourist attraction. 500 acres of parkland can be explored on an open-top bus from where you will be able to enjoy the scenery. There are lots of other attractions to see locally, which are detailed here:

It is served by a train station on the Tralee – Mallow line, and also regular busses from Cork to Kerry.

Where are we?

View the map of Ireland below to see where Millstreet is located. Use the zoom function to see us in more detail.

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  1. I corresponded with Kathleen Moynihan for several years, and who told me she volunteered at the Millstreet library. My E-mails have gone unanswered and I am concerned. Could you help?

  2. please go back to your old website this new site is not is not user friendly eg cant go to death where as the old site i would click on deaths and go straight to this site

  3. hi tim, thanks for your comment. the full list death notices is in the same place as before:


    what’s different is that previously there was a link at the top of each page for “Death Notices” under the “News” dropdown, but that is now in the sidebar (on the right of the page) or near the bottom if you’re on a mobile device. also there’s a link to the Death Notices list just under each death notice

    i suppose the new format has offered us many more positives than negatives to go back at this stage.
    michael (one of the admins)

  4. Looking for information on 1901 census about Building 20 Upper Mill Lane, Drishane, Millstreet. My father’s uncle James Dineen was a tailor in Millstreet until his death in 1915. His wife Nora (Casey)Dineen was a dressmaker and they had a Jeremiah Riordan,age 15,living with them. He might have helped them with their business. Our family will be visiting Millstreet this summer and would like to visit their home at Building 20 but it,doesnt appear on Google maps. Does anyone know where Upper Mill Lane is ? Also would LOVE to chat with any Dineen, Casey or Riordan Family !

      1. Hello Lucy and thank you for contacting me !
        I just sent Michael an email requesting him to forward my email to you containing my Lehane family information. I also included my personal email address if you would prefer to communicate through that.

  5. My maternal grandparents — Dennis Anthony Lucey and Nora O’Connell — were born in County Cork. Dennis’ birth may be August 1, 1869 at Horsemount, Kilcarney in Millstreet while Nora’s birth is approximately 1871 in Macroom. Dennis’ parents may be John Lucey and Hannah Toomey. I will be coming to Cork this June and it would be a pleasure to discover family connections, so any suggestions, clues or leads in this search will be greatly appreciated.
    Dennis and Nora met in San Francisco, California and married in approximately 1900. Thanks, Brian Hassett, Auburn, California.

  6. Good Day,
    I am searching for information about my great grandfather Cornelius Buckley (1844-1915) and his wife Margaret O’Connell (1860-?) from Millstreet, Co Cork family
    My grandfather Patrick C Buckley 1872-1948 and three siblings all from Millstreet went to Alaska to mine gold. One sibling Timothy Cornelius Buckley return to Ireland 1926 opened a pub in Cork called Alaska,near Opera house
    Plan on visit to Millstreet in June would love to meet relatives with more stories

    1. Hi Brian,
      You had just missed out on a Buckley family reunion in Millstreet in July. That’s a shame. My husband’s family are Buckleys here in CT. Eily Buckley of Millstreet, among others, could definitely help you with your family tree. I will pass your request on to Jim (my husband,) perhaps he might have some info for you.
      Robin Buckley

  7. Hope to be visiting Millstreet this summer. My father, brothers and I are doing a visit to our family’s hometowns. My father’s great grandmother was Margaret Corcoran was born abt 1860 in or about Millstreet, to Andrew Corcoran and Nora Lynch. Until we meet, best regards to all.

    Colin Murphy

  8. Hello,
    I am searching for information about my father’s maternal family.
    Patrick Corcoran (1830-1888) and his wife Mary Elizabeth Williams (1835-1896)
    from Millstreet, Co Cork family
    Patrick’s son John Simon Corcoran (1860-) was my great grandfather from Millstreet and settled as a farmer in Vallejo, California. John Simon Corcoran’s brother Thomas Corcoran was a priest.
    I’ll be visiting Millstreet with my wife and 3 teenage sons near the end of June. We would love to learn some local history and learn of any resources for genealogy. We especially are interested in recommended things to visit.
    Todd Adam Plesco


  9. I am looking for information about my great-great grandfather, Patrick Forde , born around 1820 who married a woman named “Anne.” Any leads would be appreciated!

    1. There was a Patrick Forde that married a Johanna (Anna) Kelleher
      Name Patrick Forde
      Spouse Johanna Kelleher
      Children John
      Birth 1815 Ireland
      Death 03/1892 Millstreet Cork Ireland

  10. Hi
    I have hit a brick wall in the search for my 2nd Great Grand mother!
    Can any one help in my search!
    Julia/ Juliet Sullivan
    Born Circa 1863, stated Millstreet as birth place in later census
    Married in Dec 1881 in Millstreet to John W Winter who was serving in the 80th foot stationed at the local barracks!
    Father Named Daniel, mother either JOHANA or Honora
    Sister Mary, born 23 Mar 1862, again I think in Millstreet, married Stephen Manning.
    Both sisters moved to stoke on Trent, England. Circa 1883.
    Many Thanks for reading

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