Eily’s Report – 18th January

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

They say the world is always changing and how so true that is. Only last week our minds and hearts were full the story of  Charlie Bird and all the goodness that he portrayed in the face of his own death. His name was in everybody’s lips, but alas, following the dreadful events of this week you’d almost be forgiven for asking “who is Charlie?”No where in any part of the world have the proper words been found to describe the awful murder of the lovely Ashling Murphy. Never before have we seen such a reaction to the fatal attack on a lovely little girl who went for a walk after work. Our friends in Australia tell us of candle light vigils and other forms of support that are being held there in her honour. All over our own country cities, towns and villages are pulling out all the stops. Our own Town Park was a blaze of light and music on Friday night and in the village of Carriganima also. At times like these people are in shock and they want to do something.  It’s at times like this that they feel the need to be close to each other. People who never met before cling to one another, stand close for support, often saying nothing at all but just being there.

It’s a sign of the times  unfortunately, that large crowds can be rather daunting often leading to trouble.  When large gatherings are imminent our security forces spare no time or expense in putting up barriers for crowd control. Very often groups of well meaning people want to hold a protest or demo for some good causes only to have their efforts hijacked by hooligans who have no other reason to be there only cause trouble. Compare that to the scenes that we saw all over our own country. Great Britain and Australia last week where the multitudes stood beside each other in an atmosphere of Peace and Love and Support. Only one thought in their minds to let the world know that they were appalled at what was done to Ashling Murphy. Let us hope that people power will win out in the battle against violence against women or violence against anybody for that matter.   I lit my candle this morning to shine a little light on Ashling’s burial day. RIP.

Isn’t it great to see a little fellow with Millstreet blood in his veins, doing so well in far off South Africa. It’s on the website, the pictures of 14 year old Conor Moynihan making waves in every sense of the word down under as he took on the massive swim on the Robben Island crossing.

There is a great sale on at our Thrift Shop in Minor Row at the moment. With fine bargains to be had, not just in clothing but also books, jewellery, footwear and lots more. Proceeds go to the Sheltered Housing Fund.

The 45Drive continues at the Sheltered Housing tonight and every Tuesday night starting at the earlier time of 6pm. Again proceeds go to their Fund.

The best way for me to know if people are reading me is to make a mistake and I’m told that the Men’s Shed is open on Wednesday nights and not Tuesday as I said last week. Constructive criticism is always welcome. So thanks to the person who put me right there.

Must tell you what happened to me this week with regard my encounter with Covid as I said I got the Bug on January 6th.  Reported it and toed all the lines on isolation on giving the list of people who were near me including my live-in house guest. etc. A few days later I got word that a PCR test was arranged for me in Mallow on January 9th  but I was not feeling well enough to go. Later I was told that someone would come to my house to do the test because of my age and so on. So I waited and waited, isolating all the times, then on last Saturday January 15th by which time I was free to go, I got ten minutes notice that someone was coming to do the test which he did and next day I got word that I had proved positive and got a call to make sure I isolated and to furnish them with a list of all those I’d been in contact with. I can tell you I got a shock. Had to contact my friends, they all had plans of their own, including doctor’s appointments which they would have to cancel. Myself and my companion were ordered back to our rooms, she to continue to work from home as she had done for the past number of days. When the dust had settled  I began to size up my situation. I felt I was being  (for want of a better word) punished twice for my one outbreak of the bug. All this time my friends were getting calls continuing to tell them what they were to do and somewhere along the line it was pointed out to the authorities that I was not a new client but the original one back on January 6th and all of a sudden the whole situation fell apart and we were all given our freedom again. Our understanding of it was because their PCR test didn’t come until January 9th they mistook me for a new patient. With a wonderful sigh of relief I was glad that all was well again and we were all free to go back to our own interests  but with a very useful lesson learned. Should it happen to you  never be afraid to check it out. They were the essence of kindness when we all worked together to sort the problem out.

Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were  8,10, 21, 29, and the Jackpot was not won.   €100 went to Stephen Barrett, c/o the Bush Bar. The Bush Bar got €50 sellers prize, €50 went to James & Norma Burke, c/o A Burke. E20 each went to The t/2Dans c/o the Clara Inn, Pat & John Randals, Minor Row. Peter O Sullivan c/o Capabu. Tommy FitzGerald c/o Mamo, Suin, Caoibhe & Roisin McCarthy , Tim Long Knocknagree, Chris & Veronica Twomey. John D & Denise Buckley, Kilmeedy.

Next draw will be on Sunday Jan. 23rd Jackpot €18,600.

Our Community Council would like to know if anybody can help them in locating one of the collection tables which they use for their church gate collection every year. They got a matching pair made for such occasions , but one is missing for some time now. Perhaps someone may know if its in storage somewhere, if you can help please contact any member.

I have asked about this before but I’m always hopeful of finding the Album of the Walking Club which we had here some years ago. It was a highly successful club with as many as 75 joining walks every Sunday and many pictures taken. Perhaps its on a shelf somewhere. If you can help please contact me 086316 3285.

  Plans to climb the “Climb for Charlie”  are not being shelved by any means and when this day is done and the lovely Ashling Murphy is laid to rest, please God the many good works of the world will resume again  and she will be in Heaven to pray for us all.

Agus sin a bhfuil, a chairde, Slan agus beannacht.

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