“Radio Treasures” This Tuesday on CMS from 9.30 to 11.30pm

“Radio Treasures” Weekly Show is on air tonight (Tues., 20th July 2021) on Cork Music Station from 9.30 to 11.30 (Irish Time).   Feel most welcome to contact the Show on corkmusicstation@ gmail.com or on Text/WhatsApp 086 825 0074 or check out the Seán Radley Facebook.  Happy Listening!  (S.R.)

  1.  On tonight’s Show at 10.00pm we extend a special welcome to Sterre, Nina and Hidde from the Netherlands who on tomorrow (21st July 2021) will visit Millstreet for the entire day to experience the amazing town that hosted Eurovision 1993 .   The three University Students are doing a study on the History of Eurovision…and really look forward to the Millstreet Experience and meeting with Noel C. Duggan especially.  And Millstreet is unique in this history of Eurovision. 

    Millstreet May 1993 at West End.  Tap on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)
  2. We have our usual Musings and Musical Treats.
  3. We listen to lots of happy songs and music reflecting our present tropical climate.
  4. We reflect on Jimmy Reidy’s Archival Programmes.
  5. We celebrate Limerick’s recent success in the GAA world when we listen to Davy Ryan’s two splendid songs relating to Limerick.
  6. We chat about our Millstreet related news.
  7. We hear superb songs and music of the 1950s…including the  comic “Mysterious Box” song.
  8. We remember our Faithful Departed.
  9. And we have our Callouts to our many Loyal Listeners.
    Amazing 2021 Summer Temperatures for Millstreet!
    Costa del Millstreet 2021!
    Sincere congratulations to Darragh Cashman (on extreme left) relating to great success in recent U20 Match in Cork.
    Even the nights in Millstreet’s Clara Road are presently tropical.

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Eily’s Report – 20th July

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my weekly report.

Here comes the sun, we can hardly believe that we have our very own heatwave. They say be careful of what you long for, in case you should get it, and I suppose that about conjures up how we are feeling right now. Goodness knows we love the sun and the fine weather but as we were always told that too much of anything is good for nothing  we would like our fine spell to be a little less h o t .  However it’s here and we have only to find ways to cope and work our way around it. A heatwave affects different age groups in different ways, the oldest and the youngest surely being the most vulnerable, I imagine, but of course there are exceptions to every rule. But it’s not just the humans who are affected, all manner of life feels the heat  and have to be protected .and with all the regulations about hedge cutting  and fencing kept a distance from fences in the interest of wild life it can’t be easy for stock to fine shade from the midday sun. Water, God Bless it, is a great cooler and there is nothing better to placate a few young children on a hot day than to give them access to it. Dressed in their oldest garb, n o need for a dangerous tubs or pools, just pans and perhaps a dripping tap where they can douce one another to screams of laughter and fun. It is something which is sure to turn over-heated tears into high jinks making everybody happy, including parents.

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