“Radio Treasures” This Tuesday on CMS from 9.30 to 11.30pm

“Radio Treasures” Weekly Show is on air tonight (Tues., 29th June 2021) on Cork Music Station from 9.30 to 11.30 (Irish Time).   Feel most welcome to contact the Show on corkmusicstation@ gmail.com or on Text/WhatsApp 086 825 0074 or check out the Seán Radley Facebook.  Happy Listening!  (S.R.) 

  1.  On tonight’s Show at 10pm we recall last Sunday’s Commemoration of the Centenary for Michael Dineen on 24th June 1921.   Our highlights of the event are some 25 minutes in duration.
  2. We have our usual Musings and Musical Treats.
  3. We reflect on Jimmy Reidy’s Archival Programmes.
  4. We chat about our new outdoor seating at The Square, Millstreet.
  5. We hear two superb songs and music of the 1950s.
  6. We remember our Faithful Departed.
  7. And we have our Callouts to our many Loyal Listeners.
  8. Our Musical Star of the Week is Josef Locke.   And there’s more … much more!!  Tap on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Most Impressive Centenary Commemoration at Ivale on Sunday

A truly impressive Centenary Commemoration remembering Volunteer Michael Dineen was held in Ivale, Kilcorney on Sunday, 27th June 2021.  Here we share some sixty images from the historic event which was superbly organised.   The appreciative attendees were blessed with glorious weather in the wonderfully scenic setting.   Look out for a full illustrated report by John Tarrant in the “Corkman”.  Tap in the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)  Highlights of Sunday’s  Event  may  be heard  on  tonight’s (29th June 2021) “Radio  Treasures”  programme  on  www.corkmusicstation.com  at  10pm.

Dan Joe O’Keeffe of Rathcoole delivering the superb keynote address.

Michael Dineen who officially unveiled the very impressive Monument to his Uncle – Volunteer Michael Dineen.

Monsignor Dan O’Riordan – a relation of Volunteer Michael Dineen – blessed the newly unveiled Monument.
Members of the Dineen Family attending the historic event.
Seán Barry was an excellent MC on the occasion.
Séamus Buckley invited everyone to splendid outdoor refreshments at Aubane Community Centre.
A special song was sung to commemorate the event.

Tommy Murphy and Jerry Lehane in attendance….Tommy and I were in the same Class at Primary School.  (S.R.)

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Millstreet Meals on Wheels service

The Millstreet Meals on Wheels service is available for anyone who needs it. All food is prepared in Millstreet Day Centre & we operate the service 5 days a week. You can order a hot dinner for as many days as you like, delivered to your door from Mon-Fri for just €6 a day for the main meal & €2 for dessert.

 A variety of meals are served throughout the week and the staff will endeavour to facilitate individual tastes when preparing meals. Coeliac dinners & desserts available also. Please see our menu for next week below.

 If you or anyone you know would like to avail of the Meals on Wheels Service over the coming weeks please contact the kitchen on (029) 30998 or the office on (029) 70926 (please leave a message if no answer) or email <email>

Eily’s Report – 29th June

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my weekly report.

I hope the end of another month  finds you safe and well,  ready to take on the lovely month of July. Our new lifestyle doesn’t make it easy for us to be aware nor fully awake to the passage of time. In the past we had a calendar of events to keep us in touch with the passing weeks and months. Each month had it’s own attractions, it’s own list of things which that month was special for. But with mass cancellations  the milestones disappeared and we are left mid-air and waiting for the next month in the hope that there will be ample easing of restrictions to allow some form of our previous life to return. Promises were never made so often and  broken. The powers that be do all they can to give people hope especially those in the hospitality sector who  make changes and they stock up and prepare for their big break, only to be told, not yet, you must hold on a little longer. All of those blockades have left us all in a sort of false world.  For example, only last week on June 24th, St. John’s Day, the day when we all crowded on to the slopes of Mushera for the annual Mass.  Beforehand we’d have a dot on the calendar in case we’d forget, look for a lift or maybe offer a lift to someone.  Following the lovely Mass coupled with the parish choir and music, there was a great meeting of people, some who only meet at St. John’s Well every year. Because it was widely presumed that it wouldn’t be held this year, there was no need to watch for the date, no need to seek or give a lift and sadly no meeting of friends. Multiply that by all the other events which had to be cancelled since early 2020 including funerals and weddings. I met a lady recently and she told me that talking makes her tired now. Whatever muscles she was using to communicate have gone lax and  she has to cut her conversations short as a result. We are on the brink of the Month of July  and every year around this time the name Milltown Malbay in County Clare was on everybody’s lips. Lovers of traditional music and dance from all over the world prepared to go on their annual pilgrimage of friendship good company and the love of our native entertainment. Like everything else the axe has fallen on this great International event again, it was cancelled last year also. We went  there for over thirty years and saw that small village grow to a mighty town complete with every service to meet the needs of the vast crowds. All thanks to one man, Willie Clancy, box player.   The Cork Agricultural Show was another event which brought everything to a stop on the land when it was held in the Cork Show Grounds for a week every year on June. Other things were pinpointed by it. Something would be either before the show or after it.  The new spuds were judged by it, if they were fit for eating by the 21st of June then it was a good year and everybody was happy. How we loved to see them coming up out the ground before the fork, or spade, the rich earth falling away but leaving a fine coat which was washed away in a bucket of cool water from the stream. Side by side with them the drills of cabbage and turnips, enough for both man and beast and other lesser crops such as peas, carrots, which gave a wide range of choice for the family table.  With all these crops in a healthy state, it was a sort of a celebration to take a few hours off and go the Cork Summer  Show. It always drew great crowds and people met a talked about farming things. The cattle, the price of milk. The remedies for certain ailments in the cattle or fowl. Of course it was the Show case for the best livestock in the land, also pigs, sheep, all kinds of fowl. It was exciting to be there and when time came to come home to milk the cows etc.  We felt enlightened and full of new ideas and information about things that we could adapt to our way of life  at home.

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