Eily’s Report 1st June

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my weekly report.

Canon John got our month of June off to a good start this morning by blessing Holy Water at the beginning of ten o’clock Mass. The June month is starting off on a very encouraging note with a  few lovely sunny days behind us and hopefully lots more to come. The fine days set the whole world around us up a gear or two, with farmers delving into silage making at every waking hour and families doing everything they could to make the most of the sun. Bar-b-cues were going  full belt in many gardens, the sound of children playing, filling the air, while others took to travelling out a bit, relishing their new found extended limits. We were fortunate enough to take on the Shrone  Lake District where a glorified goat path inches you along the craggy terrain and where the slow pace gives you time to study the rocks and streams in detail and the calm lake almost hidden at the foot of the mighty Paps. For the driver it takes full concentration but for the lucky passenger, sheer joy. There are places where you can stop, converse with other brave people like yourself ,or young couples doing it all on foot. Our final pitch took us all the way to the top of the  down hill  and the descent into the renowned Claydagh Valley and the exit into the busy main Killarney to Macroom Road. How great it is that due to modern ways that those of us in advanced years can enjoy the beauty of these remote gems as well as those who can do it all on shanks mare.

My Dear Sister Mary, Sr. Rupert passed  away since I was with you last. Death is strange, often extremely sad. God’s call is a blessing in some cases. My sister was in her ninetieth year and was stricken by Alzheimer’s disease for about five years and in the wonderful care of Ashborough Lodge in Milltown for little over a year. It was grieving for us to see Mary but she couldn’t identify with us in any way. Hard when you think of the great articulate person she was. Her funeral was in agreement with the customs of her order and our family. Numbers were very limited of course and we both worked together to stay within the limit. It fell to my lot with little time to spare ,to write the Eulogy and read it at her Mass in The Cathedral.  She was interred with many of her order ,including two others from her native parish, Namesake Sr, Calistus,(Margaret Corkery) Coomlogane and Sr. Killian,(Kathleen O’Connor ) Dromsicane. At Aghadoe .We were blessed with fine weather. It would all have come to an end there and family members return to the homes as far away as Co. Cavan,but for the kindness of one of our members who had stocked up their car with flasks to boiling water.plus teas and coffees and a selection of goodies,which we enjoyed in the sun at the empty car park. Not the usual thing but a God’s Send in the present situation.

Our weekly lotto has resumed,following a ten weeks break. The Millstreet Lotto is very important to our town. Running for well over twenty years,it is jointly conducted by Representatives of  The Town Park, The Millstreet GAA and the Youth Amenity fund. Most of our people   benefit in one way or another from the dedication of these voluntary bodies. From the smallest child at the crèche to the most elderly person walking in the Park. In the absence of the normal fundraising methods the organisers are making the effort to devise new ways to keep their great work up and running. Before the break some people had already adopted the system of paying in advance. Some pay for the whole year, others for shorter periods. The account of those who have already paid  will be carefully checked and the results made known to them. Needless to say we are asking everybody to row in behind our Lotto as they have done in the past. Countless improvements have been achieved by it over the past number of years so let us all work together and continue the great work for Millstreet. If you have any questions please contact  Secretary Marie Twomey, Station Rd. 087 6863887 or any member who will fill you in the all the details.

The Lotto Draw was held on Sunday night Numbers drawn were 10,12,24,27,and the Jackpot was not won.

€100 went to Murphy, Ballydaly, the seller was Joan Casey and she got €50 sellers prize. €50 went to Jason,Hogan andAmelia ,c/o Colemans, Anthony Kelleher, Moulnahorna, Pamela Brophy, C/O Sheila Lane, Ogla Firek, Old Coach Ave, Breda Burke ,Dromagh, Sharon & Lucky, Priests Cross. Noah Tarrant c/o Noreen Tarrant, L.S.J.&L, Kiely, Ballydaly. Next draw will be on Bank Holiday Monday June 6th. Jackpot €12,600.Please support it well.

The 10am Mass tomorrow,Wed. morning will be for the fourth anniversary of Eileen Collins,Clara Rd. who was a staunch supporter of the Millstreet Lotto.

Our brilliant Tidy Towns Volunteers are working hard to get all the tubs and pots in and outside of the town looking their  best for the months ahead. Great to see some new faces in the group, even a little baby in a pram.  Best of all is to see the ever faithful Noreen Dennehy there. Last year Noreen suffered a broken ankle while putting the finishing touches to a brightly painted wheelbarrow at Snugboro in the Killarney Rd. Herself and Pat Randals have been doing this great work for many years and it’s great to see others coming to help and encourage.  Our Town is brightening up in many other ways. The Rainbow Flag at the Carnegie Hall takes the passing eye sky-wards and the nice tents and seating are just the thing to share an ice-cream or a coffee etc. with an old friend or indeed a new one.

Our Marian Grotto in the Macroom Rd. is after getting it’s annual facelift. There is never any shortage of support for this holy place. It’s all newly painted and flowers plantedand a promise from the Co. Council to add some new gravel. Full makes to all those who keep it in pristine condition all the time.

We missed our annual Mass at Tubrid Well again this year. It always drew great crowds on the last Friday evening in May every year and again on the eve of the exams.  But it doesn’t stop the crowds. All through the month they come in a constant flow. You’re never alone in Tubrid especially in May. We have to complement those who keep it looking so lovely and bright in its blue and white detail,  and   thank them for their sincere work .

I’m in a dilemma, nothing like the garden to do it. I have a tough decision the make and I wonder what would you doi n my position.I’m glad that I’m on my own with it because it could start a world war if I had to consult someone about it. In My garden  many of my lovely shrubs have been blown to bits by the wind and the same ones in other peoples gardens look fine. But at the weekend with some of the family visiting after months of restrictions it didn’t take them long to see my problem. Because I have such a hunger for open spaces I don’t have a hedge at the end of my plot. I have what is called an AAHA, that is something that looks like a hitch from one side but level at the other. So while don’t have a hedge I am above the field beyond. So what do I do. Build a wall or hedge or get rid of my shrubs. What would you do? Following some heart-rendering thoughts I made up my mind that the trees should go. Not easy to say goodbye to my beautiful Japanese Maple, the Wavy Rowan and the majestic laburnum which I have tended and enjoyed for years. But all is not lost. People these days take no notice of rooting up trees of any size and moving them to new homes. The changing climate is making the difference. So while I see my mini forest being carted off to one or two new homes,I will be spared the awful dilemma of looking at their sad faces all stripped of their foliage and look out on my open places where I may catch sight of a passing pheasant or a little fox or admire the big machinery harvesting the silage at close range, and  later a happy animal munching the after grass. You can’t take the farm out of the Farmer.

I want to wish all those who are ready to sit their exams every success .They will surely have some great stories to tell their children about what it was like to sit for the Leaving Cert during the Corona Virus back at the start of the century.

Gods Blessing on the little boys and girls who will have their First Confession this Friday, again in these changing times they no longer have to go into the spooky confession box.

I must wish my near neighbour a very happy retirement, Margaret Dennehy (Geararoe,Millstreet) traveled to Rathmore for over the past forty years where she taught Music etc. at Scoil Phobal Sliabh Luachra. Margaret endeared herself to her fellow staff and pupils in that length of time. In time her pupils became parents and their children returned where they availed of their teacher’s wonderful gift as their parents did before them and to show their love and respect for their beloved teacher they put on a real Sliabh Luachra Concert in her honour on her final day.  Over the years also it was no surprise to see Margaret making the return journey to Rathmore in the evening after her days work to lend her talents to their renowned  Marian Players and their Pantomime.  So I know that you will join with me in wishing the lovely Margaret and her retired husband Michael many, many years of retirement as they await the arrival of their first grandchild before the end of the year. On a personal note I’m looking forward to many leisurely, cuppas, on the patio.

That’s about it for me for this week, I wish you all a very happy and pleasant but safe weekend. Slán.



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