That’s Life Education

Introducing That’s Life Education

That’s Life Education is a Parent and School based support programme. It is intended for educators and parents of young adolescents. It will be presented in the context of factual and age appropriate information on development of the preteen/teen, physical and emotional, friendship and relationship with others. There will be two main aspect to this programme:

Parent/Preteen sessions due to the changing circumstances in the country with the Coronavirus 19 and not being able to have our parent/preteen sessions That’s Life Education programme now focuses on how best to support a parent(s) and be with them and their child (in a virtual way) and work together in partnership to explain the ongoing process of development in their now preteen child. Book a session with Nurse Maggie to guide you, the parent in giving correct factual information on the more sensitive aspects of puberty. In this way, children will learn the necessary skills and develop attitudes to promote caring and respectful relationships with themselves and others throughout life.

Secondly, That’s Life Education focuses on Schools, already well established with school visits throughout the country, both in Primary and Post primary schools for many years.

That’s Life Education is pleased to announce that since September 2020 we can now offer all our school programmes either face to face with school visits or online (via secure webinar) for schools that are beyond my boundary. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus 19, we have moved our educational content online via a secure online platform of zoom. And if I am able to visit school’s health and safety is of paramount concern to That’s Life and all visits will be in accordance with Government restrictions and public health guidelines.

How May I Help You?

As a nurse consultant for ‘That’s Life’ I am here to provide specialist advice in the field of Puberty, Sexual Health and relationships in the preteen, young adolescent.

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