6 thoughts on “Ballydaly today”

      1. Ok Geraldine, thank you for your explanation. You are an excellent photographer. I love all your photos! You make Balydaly look like the most beautiful place on earth!

  1. Geraldine, I always love your photographs! By any chance are we related? I live in Arlington, MA USA. My first cousin is Mary Dennehy who lives in Tanyard Woods Millstreet. My father, James Dennehy was the son of Jeremiah and Julia Lehane Dennehy who lived at Mill Road Millstreet. He was born 2/17/1903 and came to the U.S. in 1924. His brothers were Daniel, Jeremiah, and Denis ( Mary’s father). I have visited Millstreet several times most recently 2/20/20 when I took my daughters and granddaughters to see “where our roots began”. We all loved our visit. Mary Dennehy Rogers

  2. Hi Mary, no definitely not related ! I’m an import into Millstreet and don’t have any relations in the area !

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