In memory of our father John Linehan

In memory of our father John Linehan, we have decided to run a GoFundMe, in aid of the CUH Oncology Ambulatory Centre and Marymount Hospice. The majority of the funds will go to the Ambulatory Centre in CUH. This service is absolutely vital, because cancer patients are so immunosuppressed, in many emergency situations it’s too risky to enter A&E. The Oncology Ambulatory Centre provides a dedicated A&E clinic specifically for cancer patients, thereby saving countless lives, purely by saving the patients from the huge infection risk of a normal A&E. It is vital that this service is funded, but as of right now, it is severely underfunded, and only able to function from 9-5 Monday to Friday. This service helped Dad countless times, and saved his life when regular A&E wouldn’t have been able to. In his memory, we are determined to help fund this unit, because if it can provide any patient the care it provided our dad, it is genuinely priceless.


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