Eily’s Report – 19th January

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my weekly report.

We live in historic times, tomorrow 20.1.2021  Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the new President of the United States of America. Never in the history of that mighty state or indeed of the world did this event attract some much interest or publicity. Every eye in the World is on the Big Smoke at these tense times.  I suppose there isn’t one place in the world that is not affected one way or another by what goes on the  United States. We are inclined to look on America  as a Big Brother, a force that is there standing between us and the big bad world and when something significant or threatening happens there, who can blame us if we get worried. We think of the many thousands of our people who are living there and how the various happenings affect them, and goodness knows we have seen enough of strange happenings  in the past five years which keep us the edge of our seats all the time. They say that power is a very dangerous thing if it gets into the wrong hands. Need I say more.  Five years ago the world could see that Donald Trump was not a suitable man to rule the USA. It showed right throughout his campaign. His lack of respect for people, especially women, his overbearing attitude towards the rule of law, climate change and so on and to think that this crazy monster had his finger on the button that had the power to sink the world into all out war and destruction. I asked my American friends that time, if they voted for Trump and they said they did and in view of the ways that he portrayed himself  I asked them why. The answer was that the hated Hillary Clinton was that enough to plunge their homeland into ruin.  These are highly religious people. They think differently today. All attention will focus on the media until Mr Biden is safely in the chair . Narcissism is a terrible ailment which gives no caring thought for anybody else and with a narcissist  like Donal Trump at the helm anything could happen. It’s curable but the person involved has to agree to be treated, I can’t see Donald Trump agreeing any time soon or maybe one day he will see the light and allow himself to be transformed into a nice man. We won’t hold our breadth.             Pray that Joe Biden’s inauguration  will all go according to plan.         le cúnamh Dé

We have lost two of our most senior citizens in recent times . The popular Julia Murphy,Gortavehy at the grand figure  of 106 and  Paddy  OMahony, Cullen at 101. Now I’ve been asked by a lady of 102 if she is our leading centenarian at the moment. Please give me a ring if she is.

There is great interest and enjoyment being experienced by the Tops of the Town films which are appearing on our website at the moment. thanks to Paddy Murphy,Tullig. More and more of these jewels  which date from the mid 80’s are coming to the surface. Liam Coffee has been the source up to now but I’m sure lots of them are lying in boxes and drawers around the parish. There was never more need for things to brighten up the scene, so if people would like to share them  or perhaps  songs that may be in danger of being lost it would be great. Give Paddy a ring at 085 163 4606 and he will put them in safe keeping for many years to come. Programs can be soursced on YouTube Cloghoula/millstreettv/tops of the town .or Drishane millstreet tv/topsofthe town. They can also be Googled.

I  was given one of those lovely garden hoses which expand and retract according to usage some time ago.It makes itself very tidy when you turn off the water so its very easy to store. Mine was neatly curled up beneath something in the sun house  but to my horror when I went to use it last week I found that the nozzle was broken and leaking. I was told that the frost was the culprit. So for the benefit of those who  didn’t know, pay heed .

Lockdown has become a way of life now. The warnings get more serious all the time and I for one am loathe to break the rules.so I don’t go out. No matter how good we get at it we will never get to like it. There is nothing like going out with a carefree mind, confidant that the people you meet are  not going to pass the bug on to you  nor you to them. Needless to say the vaccine has eased our troubled minds somewhat but we’d love to have it right now. With a little bit of help from a friend I was able to get an estimate of when I would be in line for the jab and was given the date of March 9th approx. According to my age. Then the booster will follow some weeks later. I wonder having completed that course, how long it will take me to feel safe to wander out, invite friends into my home and hopefully go back to all the lovely ways of life which we enjoyed more than we ever realised. Until then we’ll stick to one day at a time.  If we like we can join an online program, I have just finished a zoomed class on Creative Writing which went on for six weeks. Some before Christmas and the rest after, Marie Twomey helped me to get started and then I was able to go it alone. Now she has displayed a list of courses on screen and it may be worth your while to read it over and see if there is anything to suit your taste. Loneliness will always be with us  and can be a terrible burden if we cannot deal with it.  There is always help at the end of the line with the group A.L.O/N/E. They are at the ready to hear your story .Give them a call at 0818 222 024. And  Good Luck .

Our deepest Sympathy goes to those who have lost loved ones recently. Their grief being made all the more severe by the times we have. Loved ones trying to come from abroad, some not even able to come and at home the difference in the way that funerals have to be held . The whole ethos of how funerals are conducted has changed .  But people are beginning to show their sympathy in many different and meaningful ways. Showing their love first of all by keeping their distance, for safety sake.  They line up  along  the sides of the street or country roads and the undertaker kindly moves slowly so that the bereaved can see their friends and take comfort from their attendance, as well at that some much needed funds can be raised through Go Fund Me in support of the needs nearest to the heart of the deceased person and family. Funeral Masses streamed from our Church are great. They give us the opportunity of being present at the funeral Masses of many close friends.

Today I grieve for my dear friend Breda Tarrant who went to her Eternal Reward on Monday morning at home in Killarney Road at the age of 74. Breda was surrounded by her wonderful family and her Requim Mass will be streamed at 10 am on Thursday . A beautiful friend gone to heaven. My deepest sympathy goes to her family.

AGus sinn a bfuil a cairde,Please stay safe.  Slán agus Beannacht libh go léir.

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