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 Dromtariffe   Parish 




 P51 W983

Eircode: P51 K316


Monday January 11th             to Sunday January 17th   

                                                Fr Tom Leane

The Presbytery, Dromagh, Mallow, Co. Cork.  Eircode: P51 YWF1

Tel: (029)78096 Mob: (087) 2300565 Parish Office: Secretary Evelyn O’Sullivan

Open Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  Tel: (029)78096

Safeguarding Children Representatives: Margaret McCarthy & John Cronin

Designated Liaison Person Kerry Diocese: 087 6362 780

Email: <email>  Web: www.dioceseofkerry.ie


Pastoral Area

Priest on Duty Sunday 17 Jan Fr Pat O’Donnell (064) 7758026 / 086 8351732

Priest on Duty Sunday 24 Jan Fr Tom Leane (029) 78096 / 087 2300565

My dear parishioners,

 Hope you had an enjoyable, if different Christmas and I wish you health & happiness for 2021. 

 The dark cloud of COVID-19 19 has come again and please God we will successfully get the numbers down until the vaccine takes over.  Stay safe and well.


Unfortunately, we are not allowed public Masses but visits to the church to pray or light a candle is allowed.  I will continue to say Mass in private for the Station Areas of the parish according to the rota in this bulletin.  If anyone has an anniversary Mass or any other intention that I could say in private, let Evelyn know.


These are hard times but please God we are coming towards the end and with the cooperation of all we will all stay safe. 

 May the Lord bless you and all your loved ones.

Fr Tom

The information on dates, times &Station Areas Masses can be found:

  1. The parish newsletter on the notice boards of both churches.
  2. Diocesan website: dioceseofkerry.ie go to Dromtariffe Parish- newsletter
  3. Dromtariffe G.A.A. Facebook
  4. Duhallow Area Newsletter on Facebook
  5. ie
  6. Our 3 Primary Schools.
  7. If you wish to receive the parish newsletter via email, please let us know.

Please check these sources of information for any changes and for future info.


Gerard Withers Gurteen & Liscaroll


Parish Fund

We sincerely thank all our parishioners who have been so generous in handing in their Fund envelopes (and dues), even when the churches were closed.  Thanks for your commitment to your parish that enables us to keep paying the bills. We also thank all those who have handed in Fund envelopes this new year 2021, which have amounted to €620.

Please God we will be able to return to more normal life and practice as soon as possible.  Keep safe and may God’s blessing be upon you all.

Fr Tom will remember at Mass the people who live in these Station Districts on the following dates:

Masses From Monday 11th January  to Sunday 24th January 2021

Millstreet Vincent de Paul wishes to thank very sincerely all those who donated to the recent Harvest Collection. The response was magnificent and both V. de P and Cork Penny Dinners will benefit greatly.

We wish, also, to thank the people who organized the food and cash distribution, particularly Norma Doody, Noreen Murphy Clery, Helen Curtin, Nicola McMahon, Mary Murphy, Breda & Donie Lucey, Francis Lee and indeed anybody else who helped in any way.  All proceeds will be used in our local communities to help those who struggle to reach a decent standard of living.

Millstreet V. de P takes this opportunity to wish everybody a safe and healthy New Year.

Should you require our assistance or indeed know of somebody who may be in need, our helpline is 087 959 7900





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