“Where the Road Takes Me” at 7pm this Sunday on C103

We thank Presenter, John Greene for advance information on this Sunday evening’s programme – 20th Dec. 2020 at 7pm on C103.  (S.R.)

On Where the road takes me this week, John Greene is joined by former lead singer with Dé Danann Eleanor Shanley and classical guitarist John Feely. 

Both discuss their careers and how combining their various music styles produced a beautiful album – ‘Cancion De Amor’. 

We also hear about a local collaboration which resulted in a history of bands and music in Bandon over one hundred years.

Former members of the Ritz Showband and ‘Southern Comfort’Michael McCarthy and  Jerry Larkin have just published a book which leans heavily on a photographic history of a town with a lengthy tradition in all types of music, musicians and bands. 

Where the road takes me goes to air at 7, this Sunday evening on C103.

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