Eily’s Report 17th November


Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my weekly report.

Fondest greetings everybody as we embark on a new week, with the hope of a vaccine for Covid19 filling us with new hope and a new determination to keep the spread of the killer disease  as low as possible until that magic formula arrives.  The weeks of our lockdown are passing slowly by, a little over two weeks to go, I think, the light at the end of any tunnel tells us that there is a way out and that’s what we want to hear. le cúnamh Dé

Christmas remains in the balance as far as travel is concerned, but it hasn’t stopped our  business people from setting up their shops and stores and displaying their wares giving us ample time to get to work on our gift list. Christmas decorations are going up in all the shops and their choices of gift ideas has to be seen to be believed. The well known plea to shop at home was never so important. Since last Christmas businesses have been literally shell shocked by  what has hit them in one short year and we must all play our part in helping them to stay afloat  and not only that but to build themselves up to a confidant future.  Thanks to our business ladies we will have Christmas lights in the town  in spite of all the negativity they are forging ahead and asking people to fund them on a voluntary basis rather than asking business people to foot the bill in light of all that they have been through since Covid19  began. Donations are still being accepted and can be handed in to Niamh at Wordsworth bookshop. To Noirin’s Boutique or Catherine at her auctioneering business office, West End. They deserve our support so please give generously.

Our Community Council are working on their Millstreet Calendar 2021 and are asking people to bring along any pictures  or memorabilia which would be of interest or of entertaining value for its pages. This annual calendar is a valued publication every time, not just as a record of days and months, but also for all the local services and useful contacts that can be found at a moments notice. Many copies are always sent abroad to Millstreet people all over the world. The proceeds of the calendar go to needy causes every time.  Please let me remind you again that it’s time to renew your TextAlert before the end of this month. Because of the present situation the format is slightly different this year. There are no forms to be signed. So you write your name and mobile number on a piece of paper and put it along with €10 into an envelope and hand it in to either Niamh at the Wordsworth Bookshop or Guerin’s Shop in Ballydaly. Perhaps you can do it also for an elderly person or friend. The importance of this great service cannot be overstated. Our Gardai never fail to give us timely warnings of any strange happenings or people in our area.   We want to say a sincere word of thanks to our Gardai for same.

I am enjoying the new book ,entitled “Millstreet Memories” by Noel Bourke  more than I can say. It crosses all my T’s and dots all my I’s, in that I can identify  with most  of the people and places that he mentions and even went to school with some. His detailed account of the Millstreet of the 50’s and 60’s, answers a great deal of questions for me. Even the Cover photo, with picture of Bridgie Regan’s Cottage in the foreground still habitable with the ruins of MountLeader House in the background. We  which we pass  it every day  and it brings the story almost to life. His style of writing and the fine large print makes it a book that I find hard to put down. It was an added pleasure to hear this lovely new book being virtually launched last Monday night , by our  treasured hstorian ,Jack Lane  when he spoke to  Sean Radley all the way from London,on Cork Music Station.                          I have been reading , again, the other great book on Millstreet entitled WillowBrook by Jim O’Brien/Pomeroy  whose account of his stay away from his parents and home in London at that great local demesne during the war years , 30/40s and the two books sort of  compliment each other.    Brilliant.    Copies of Millstreet Memories , by Noel Bourke are on sale at our Worsworth book shop. An ideal Christmas Gift Idea.

Looking back never fails to bring keen interest, and the reminders of our Twinning project with our Twin Town in Brittany, Pommerit le Vicompte, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, brought back a host of memories, most of them happy memories, but a few sad, as we recall those who are no longer with us.  Twinning  with places in other countries was a great idea first day,  it opened us up to a new understanding of the way other people live in other countries. Their customs, their food, their songs and dances, the list goes on. It was good for our own town, where people of various interests clubbed together for what ever reason to make the project work. For me personally it helped me and my family to locate the last resting place of a long lost relation ,who went to France at the turn of the last century ,where he became a member of a religious Order, The Little Brothers of the Poor.  All contact of his whereabouts were lost with the passing of his parents and siblings at home, but there was one piece of writing ,written in French, which somehow lived on in our family and one time when we were  going  on the Twinning trip, we decided to bring it along. In giving it to our host he began to smile and told us that the place we wanted was only one hours drive away and was now run by a community of Nuns. Following one short phone call, we were invited and were received with open arms. They brought us to our long lost  great great uncle’s grave, which was in pristine condition, where the inscription giving his home address said he died in 1928. Beside him was another grave the inscription saying the occupant was from Kilbrittan. When we came home we sent the account of him to people of the same name down there and they on checking found he was a long lost uncle of theirs, that they never knew he had. The truth is  stranger than fiction  and it all happened, thanks to our wonderful Twinning Project.

Another  new local feature has come to out of the blue in the form of the revival of old songs. Paddy Murphy, Tullig is realising a dream he always had in going around here and there and asking ordinary people to sing into his pocket size recorder and with amazing results. He has his own web page. But further to that Sean Radley is only too glad to air these musical heirlooms on his “Sunday Miscellany” which he runs for an hour after he has relayed the 11.30 Mass.   People like Breda Tarrant who have wealth of these songs which are in danger of being lost, was requested no less than three times on Sunday when she sang three different songs which are rarely heard  today. Paddy’s work goes on  and  he’s still adding some more.                Well done Paddy ,and long may your great work continue .

My Christmas Cactus is telling me that it’s time to bring it out of it’s dark corner, where it has been resting or should I say hiding  since last Spring. In spite of little care the faithful plant never fails to send out a swarm of lovely red  peaks which will  develop into lovely double dropping blossoms, well in time for Christmas. Meanwhile out in the garden the wind and rain continues to torture anything that tries to stand up to it. The strong leeky formiums flap away regardless  which formiums are supposed to do but in the middle of all the destruction is that little red rose that never stops repeating itself. When one blossom goes there is always another ready to take its place and never fails to cheer me up from my cosy abode,inside my window. Buíochas le Dia

If you would like to contribute towards the upkeep of our local Nursing Homes, in Newmarket, Kanturk, Boherbue and Millstreet please contact Kevin at 083 8287670 and give all you can to this worthy cause.

Be ready to bring your good quality used clothing to our Thrift Shop in Minor Row when it reopens in the next few weeks. It will be a new-look facility now following recent upgrading and the proceeds go to our Day Care Centre. The centre continues to provide freshly cooked dinners five day a week. For details ring 029 70926,

Next Sunday is the Feast of Christ the King. Last Sunday was World Day of the Poor. Please do all you can to alleviate hunger and want in your everyday life. Especially in the run up to Christmas, when there  is so much advertising  of lovely things which some people can never afford. We are still in the month of the Holy Souls, light a candle, say a prayer, just to make sure that we are doing our bit for them as they did for us. RIP.

Here are the results of this week’s lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were,8,18,20,21,and the Jackpot was not won.  €100 went to E .Coakley, Rathmore.  The sellers were Lehane & Guerin, and they  got €50 sellers prize,€50 went to Anna Mae Daly, The Bridge,€20 each to Tom Carroll, Drishane View, Eileen Enright, Station Rd, Denise Smith,c/o Sheila Lane,Bina Bourke, Drishane Rd, Tara Bourke, c/o Mgt Bourke, Mary O’Connor, c/o Mgt Bourke ,Danny Lane c/o Sheila, Fedelma ,Darragh, Cliona and Jim, c/o Tom Carroll.   Jackpot for next week €11,200 ,the draw on Sunday night November 22nd.

Take heed  all those who would like to put pen to paper. Look out for a Creative Writng Course (Streaming) which is coming our way. It will be set up sometime this week.  Ring Marie for details, 087 2802529.

Our Youth are our future and I want to wish every success and happiness to young couples that I met during the week  some moving into their new homes which they got built, and others who bought beautiful  places, already built.

Sin a bhfuil, a chairde,please take good care. Have a good week. Slán.


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