Eily’s Report – 10th November

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my weekly report.

What a difference a goal can make. I’m sure you know by now that my knowledge of football or any competitive game is almost nil. My many interests are elsewhere. But I cannot fail to be  overjoyed, proud  and plain delighted at the lift which that winning shot scored by Mark Keane, for Cork at the  very last minute on Saturday  evening gave to every red blooded Cork person in every corner of the world. Where else would you get such a return for a kick of a ball that put Kerry out of the Munster Final. Most people were forced to watch it at home for obvious reasons, the loss of companionship  and banter meant that it was a fairly noiseless event as matches go, but when that ball went in all hell broke loose. Babies and other resting folk were roused out of their sleep, peaceful dogs and cats scrambled for shelter by the explosion of screaming cheers that went up in every house. It is still almost unbelievable that Kerry will not be in the Munster Final.  The importance of sport cannot be over rated. Win, lose or draw, sport of any kind brings people together, it’s great to see youngsters getting the chance to be part of it and better still to see girls making their presence felt. Even those who have no competitive skills have have a part to play. Looking back I can recall a some lads who did no more than mind the coats for the players, or the water and they were made part of the whole and  made just  as important as the players themselves. On winning day they were fitted into the group photo to go down in history with the rest.    As I said at the outset, I know very little about sport, I could never watch a match, if my side were losing it would be all too much for me.  But I’d always want to know who won when all was over. I had a friend like that, she would go off out during the play and on her return ask the husband who won. One day when she came back and asked him who won, he said he didn’t watch it at all and she said didn’t you know I’d want to know  who won, he said yes and if your side lost you’d give out to me.  When your side wins  you’re as happy as them all. Well done Cork.

The Month of the Holy Souls is into it’s second week and because we don’t have the public Blessing of graves,  we thank  Our Canon John and Fr. Paddy  who have done it for us. So instead of taking our candles to the cemetary we light them in our homes every day to make sure that our dear departed are not forgotten.  A beautiful memorial garden is on display in our Church  and thanks to Sean Radley  it can be viewed by all on our website. Complete with the names of all those 38 people who passed away in 2020, including a mother and son, Judy Cronin and Denis. Holy Water which was blessed by Canon John is available in the church.

Our lockdown is half way there,three weeks  down three to go and to see it working so well is testament to our good behaviour.  To go without a mask in public now seems very wrong  and sanitizing and  the washing of hands has become the norm. To feel that we are on the right track seems to make it all worthwhile.

Winter must be upon us because I put my birdfeeder up this week and my little feathered  friends who kept me company all summer with the building of their nests are rearing their young have no plans to desert me now. The swallows and swifts have taken off to warmer climes  but the beautiful finches, robins, thrushes and blackbirds as well as the crows  and magpies are staying put. Most of the blossoms are gone off the bushes but I have one  rose bush which is growing in a bucket from a cutting that I put down  last year and it  still sports a beautiful red rose just one at a time and when one is gone another pipes up, a lovely view from my window. My lawn was cut recently and I’d say that’s it for this year but the garden still has a lot to offer by way of things of interest. Cuttings can be taken and stuck into any pot of soil or can be swopped with some other garden lover. We can still grab an hour of warm sunshine in some hidden trap where the wind don’t spoil it. It is so important to get out as much as possible. Keep our thoughts happy and trouble free. Think of the good times. Look through old photographs that help you to recall events and places that you enjoyed. Be like the elderly nun who went to confession and told the priest that she was “Company Keeping” and the shocked Padre said but sure you are in a convent and a nun for many years, ah sure I know  that says she, but isn’t it nice to be talking about it. Take a leaf from her book.

 Talking of books I bought a copy of the new book entitled “Millstreet Memories”, By Noel Bourke at Wordsworth and it’s a great reminder of things past around here. Like the Willowbrook  book which was written by a member of the Pomeroy family, books like these are wonderful brainteasers,  they jog your memory and leads you even further back into the people and happenings of our past in the Millstreet  of long ago.

I think we should use this down time to the best advantage while we can. Before the virus we were dashing around, trying to fit in as many meetings and meals out and days away etc. as we possibly could without reflecting on how far we have come, or how much more we were capable of achieving. Looking back to last Spring , I think we have succeeded in doing what seemed to be the impossible, the way that we have trained ourselves to live without so many things which meant so much to us. We‘ve had to live without our friends, our freedom to travel both in this country and abroad, barely allowed to go and buy food  but more than anything not being able to go to Mass in our church, be free to go to confession, sit in church at a quiet time just for the sake of being there. We can visit the church now but not sit there. Did we ever think we could do it. But we did and we are and please God will for as long as we are asked, hoping beyond hope that it won’t be for much longer. To quote these wise words that I came across recently “This is a not the  year to get what we want, this is the year to appreciate what we have”.

The current lockdown is keeping many of our shops and places of business still closed. Even our thrift shop fell victim but the break has given the organisers time to give the place an overhaul and when it opens again well in advance of Christmas, it will be more spacious and more customer friendly. The Thrift Shop is run by the Canon O Donovan Centre and the proceeds go to its upkeep. Due to present circumstances they are not taking in any stock at Minor Row, however some garments are being accepted at the Canon O Donovan Centre itself. Needless to say they don’t have the facility there to take in a large amount.  Enquiries can be made from Monday to Thursday each week from9am to 2pm.  Ring Sheila Buckley Sec. or acting Manager Mary O’Leary/Guerin who is standing in for Marie O’Sullivan/O’Riordan ,who recently gave birth to a brother for her two little girls.   Many congratulations Marie and Danny.

Congratulations  also  to the Murphy/Pomeroy triplets who celebrated their 21st birthday at the weekend.

We are being reminded that it’s time to renew our Text Alert. Through this wonderful service our Gardai  never fail to give us timely warning of any unsavoury visitors in  or approaching the area. The annual cost remains at €10 and renewal can be done by dropping a sealed envelope with your name, address and mobile number  plus €10  to our WordsWorth Book shop in Millstreet or Guerin’s Shop in Ballydaly before Saturday, November 21st.  We would like to thank the Gardai for this important service.

Renewal of the Aubane Text Alert is also due. Details can be dropped into a box beside Noreen Kelleher’s house at Aubane Cross.

Here are the results of this weeks Lotto Draw .Numbers drawn were

3,1,.21,25 and the Jackpot was not won.  €100 went Mary McCarthy, Carriganima, the seller was Colemans and they got €50 seller’s prize.    €50 went to Kevin O’Mahony, c/o PJ Creedon, €20 each to Liam Healy, Murphy’s Terrace, Mary O’Callaghan, Rathcoole, John Twohig,  Flintfield, Patrica Carroll c/o Tom.Stephen Dennehy c/o Zeal.  Mick O’Connell,Dernagree, Mary O’Mahony, Inchileigh House.and Alan O’Leary c/o James OLeary. Jackpot for next week €11,000 ,The draw on Sunday night.

Recent wind and rain deprived us of many of our lovely Autumn colours,  still some diehards are holding on ,and I’ve seen some beautiful golds and crimsons making their final efforts to brighten up our days. Every place is strewn with leaves and even though they’re lovely to see, when they are wet they pose a real danger . A friend of mine much younger than I had a very nasty fall recently, broke her glasses which she cannot get repaired because of the you-know- what.

We can  have a daily Mass in any part of the world but we prefer the familiar voice of our own priests.  Some can see the church on local service but those of us who can’t are blessed that we can avail of CMS, thanks the Sean. Each time he follows the Mass with some beautiful music and songs, featuring many of our local singers, which were recorded by Paddy Murphy, Tullig . “When the Leaves Begin to Fall” sung by  Breda Tarrant, is just one of his  classics. Please tune in to Sean tonight at 9.30 and be one of his worldwide listeners.

Traffic delays are still in place ,while extensive work continues on the Miller’s Bridge on the Macroom Road  but the timer lets you know the wait is no more than a minute or so.

Take care of yourself and those around you, have a good week.

 God Bless. Slan.

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