“Radio Treasures” On Air Tonight on CMS from 9.30 to 11.00

Alan Finn (on extreme right) and Music Group whose music will feature on tonight’s programme.

“Radio Treasures” is on air tonight (Tues., 10th Nov. 2020) on Cork Music Station from 9.30 to 11.00.   We feature our regular items with a splendid blend of uplifting songs and music… tonight we feature a selection of songs and music with lots of variety as well as lots of interesting musings and words of wisdom.   Included in tonight’s programme: 

  1.   Our 10pm feature is a Virtual Book Launch linking London (Jack Lane) and Kilkenny (Noel Bourke) regarding Noel’s new publication “Millstreet Memories”.
  2. We chat about Geraldine Goggin’s presentation of two fascinating Millstreet related Posters from the 1960s and 1970s.
  3. We celebrate Mark Keane’s amazing last minute Cork goal from Sunday’s game.
  4. We salute the new American President Elect and Vice President.
  5. We feature Alan Finn’s new magnificent musical collection with his Group.
  6. We hear some lesser known interesting facts about Ireland.
  7. And we feature your Requests.   Tap on the images below to enlarge.  (S.R.)
    Historian and Author, Jack Lane at Millstreet Museum in 1998.

    Geraldine Goggin with one of the two hugely important Millstreet Posters which she has kindly presented to Millstreet Museum in memory of the late Michael and Matthew Murphy.
    We believe the year of this magnificent Poster is either 1960 or 1965. Perhaps someone who attended the historic occasion at the “Star” Ballroom might confirm the correct year.
    A wonderful “West End Cinema” Poster from 1973 which was the year that the Cinema closed. For years we were hoping to acquire for Millstreet Museum one of these precious Posters. Earlier Posters were narrower. If anyone finds such Posters we would be so very glad to make a copy of such Posters for archival purposes.   Many thanks to Geraldine Goggin for this great Poster.

    Mark Keane’s truly amazing winning goal for Cork on Sunday.

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Cork’s Maureen O Sullivan and her Hamper Packers Community Christmas Appeal 2020

That time of year again, lets share the spirit of Christmas.

Cork’s Maureen O Sullivan and her Hamper Packers

Community Christmas Appeal 2020

Running now for 42 years

Individual Food Hamper parcels are made up for the Homeless at Christmas.

If you’d like to donate items for these parcels, the following would be a great help:

Essential foods :

Small jars of Coffee /Tea Small jars of jam/marmalade
Cereal bars/chocolate/sweets Small packs of rice/Cup-a-Soup/   Pot-noodles
Biscuits/crackers Easy to open Tins of: fruit, fish, meat, stews, chicken, etc.

Hygiene items suitable for Men:   toothbrushes, toothpaste, handgels, shampoo, combs, shower gels, face-cloths, baby-wipes.

Small items of clothing:  socks, hats, scarfs & gloves.



Due to Covid 19 restrictions and to keep safe we will have drop off points in:

Millstreet Car Park on Friday 11th December from 1.30  to 3.30 pm by Carnegie hall side, as well as on Saturday 12th December 11.30 to 1pm.

Dromagh Church Car Park on Friday 11th December at 2.30pm

Derrinagree Church Car park on Saturday 12 December at 2.30pm

This year items will be packed locally into Christmas Hampers and taken to Cork on Friday 18th December to be delivered out to the homeless.

Any extras will be given out to the needy at this time.

Thank you once again for supporting this yearly event.

Margaret Crean 087 2212864 (local person) or Maureen 087 7950325

Eily’s Report – 10th November

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my weekly report.

What a difference a goal can make. I’m sure you know by now that my knowledge of football or any competitive game is almost nil. My many interests are elsewhere. But I cannot fail to be  overjoyed, proud  and plain delighted at the lift which that winning shot scored by Mark Keane, for Cork at the  very last minute on Saturday  evening gave to every red blooded Cork person in every corner of the world. Where else would you get such a return for a kick of a ball that put Kerry out of the Munster Final. Most people were forced to watch it at home for obvious reasons, the loss of companionship  and banter meant that it was a fairly noiseless event as matches go, but when that ball went in all hell broke loose. Babies and other resting folk were roused out of their sleep, peaceful dogs and cats scrambled for shelter by the explosion of screaming cheers that went up in every house. It is still almost unbelievable that Kerry will not be in the Munster Final.  The importance of sport cannot be over rated. Win, lose or draw, sport of any kind brings people together, it’s great to see youngsters getting the chance to be part of it and better still to see girls making their presence felt. Even those who have no competitive skills have have a part to play. Looking back I can recall a some lads who did no more than mind the coats for the players, or the water and they were made part of the whole and  made just  as important as the players themselves. On winning day they were fitted into the group photo to go down in history with the rest.    As I said at the outset, I know very little about sport, I could never watch a match, if my side were losing it would be all too much for me.  But I’d always want to know who won when all was over. I had a friend like that, she would go off out during the play and on her return ask the husband who won. One day when she came back and asked him who won, he said he didn’t watch it at all and she said didn’t you know I’d want to know  who won, he said yes and if your side lost you’d give out to me.  When your side wins  you’re as happy as them all. Well done Cork.

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