Preparing for Millstreet Calendar 2021

  Millstreet Calendar 2021  

Have you got a photograph taken during 2020 that you would like to see displayed in the Millstreet Calendar 2021? If yes, Millstreet Community Council Ltd is inviting members of the community to submit his/her favourite photo/photographs of 2020 to be considered for the 2021 Millstreet Calendar.

The photographs submitted can be of any subject. While there is no specific style required, the photographs must be of a high resolution (photos from most mobile phones are acceptable).  

The calendars will be printed & made available to purchase locally from early December. The proceeds will stay within the community. (Details to be confirmed)

If you would like to submit your work, please email your photograph/photographs to millstreetcommunitycouncil20 with your name & the title of your photograph before Friday November 7th 2020.

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