Millstreet Parish Newsletter 11th October 2020



Twenty Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time –

11th October  2020

Canon John Fitzgerald P.P.   

Tel Nos. Millstreet 029-70043/Mobile 087-7752948

Email:  millstreet



10.00a.m.-1.00p.m. & 2.00p.m.-5.00p.m.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the souls of the following: 

Anniversaries: Kathleen, Jer & Mary Lane, Ballinatona; Peter O’Sullivan, Cloghoulamore; Dola O’Byrne, West End; Jim O’Connor, West End; Kevin Cronin, Clara Road; Gobnait Cronin, Pound Hill; Patrick & Margaret O’Sullivan, Liscreagh & Lackabawn; The deceased members of the Caroll Family, Ballydaly; Kathleen & Timmy O’Sullivan, Ballydaly; Bridie Herlihy, Glountane; Jeremiah & Lena O’Connor, Knockduff; Jackie & Nell Donnelly, Derragh; Madge Murphy, Lisnaboy.


MASS ON SUNDAY (11th) for Dan Buckley, Geararoe at 11.30a.m.

MASS ON TUESDAY (13th) for People of the Parish at 10.00a.m.

MASS ON WEDNESDAY (14th) Eily, Julia, Christy, Mick, Noreen & Des Kelleher, Kilmeedy at 10.00a.m.

MASS ON THURSDAY (15th) for Elizabeth & Denis Dennehy, Pound Hill and their daughter Sheila Sherlock at 10.00a.m.

Mass on Friday, 16th Oct. at 10.00 a.m.

MASS ON SUNDAY (18th) for Billy O’Shea, Cockhill; Kevin & Ann Cronin, Clara Road at 11.30a.m. 

Attached is a Pastoral Message received from Bishop Ray Browne as we once again face the spread of Covid19 and the challenge it presents for each one of us.  

Our Parish office continues to be open and I am asking all those who are visiting our Churches to please sanitise on entering and leaving and to observe social distancing from others.


Thought for the week

Not till we are lost, in other words not till we have lost the world, do we begin to find ourselves.” Henry David Thoreau

Pastoral Message to the people of the Diocese of Kerry. 

Our New Situation. All of us are saddened by the new restrictions that are now in place with the whole country being placed on Level Three. It makes things so difficult for so many. It is upsetting that once more we do not have congregations at Mass. Thank God we have streaming and parish radios in so many of our parishes, Mass on Sunday on Radio Kerry, and daily on television with RTE News Now.

Many people and priests feel that it would be good to allow congregations, however small, in Level Three. A small congregation can represent all of us. Our hearts go out to families who are postponing baptisms or having funerals and weddings with very small numbers.


The Blessing of Prayer. Our faith is not confined to the church. Let us all not forget that God is ever with each of us through the Holy Spirit received in baptism and confirmation. Christ’s final words on earth were, “Know that I am with you always”. When we turn to God in prayer, we unite with each other in Christ. Wherever we pray we pray with and for each other.

Our daily prayers, alone or as a household, have always been important for us. Have time for God on Sunday and daily. Especially pray with young children each day. They have beautiful prayers from the ‘Grow in Love’ programme. In October pray to Our Lady, pray as she prayed. Pray the Rosary. Reflect on the truth of  the words of Jesus in St John’s gospel:


The Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name,

will teach you everything.

Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.

Peace I bequeath to you. (chapter14) 

Prayer soothes troubled hearts; prayer reminds us to be thankful for the positive things in our lives; prayer calls on us to be there for each other. Be assured that God is with you always. Turn to God often, especially when you are feeling down, troubled, or worried. “Le Cúnamh Dé”, with his help we can cope well with the months ahead. 

An Appeal. One great appeal I make to all in the diocese. This is the most important part of my message. Please, let us all give 100% cooperation with what our country asks of us regarding the Public Health Guidelines: social distancing; face covering; washing / sanitising our hands. As a united, loving, caring people let us give full cooperation to NPHET and our Government. It is the key to our controlling the virus.

We know how deeply any further deterioration in the current serious situation will affect the lives of all of us, young and old. Think of how important the hospitality and tourism industry are to employment in our region. Think of all front-line staff. 

United in Prayer. I will remember all in our communities in all the prayers and Masses I offer in the days and weeks ahead. Thank you for all the good you are doing. Let us pray for each other. Our Lady health of the sick, pray for us.

+ Ray Browne    Diocese of Kerry    8 October

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