The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation

Cynthia Daly and friends are asking you to support “UptheHill20, to give a push up that fundraising hill for Jack & Jill whose fundraising calendar has been severely flattened due to Covid 19.  By donating as little as €16.00, you are very kindly funding the cost of 1 hour of home nursing care for a sick child and bridging the €250,000 funding gap which the charity is currently experiencing.

Jack & Jill foundation is a national charity providing vital home nursing and end of life support to 362 children across Ireland who have complex medical and life- threatening conditions. Despite Covid- 19, the charities services marches on, as the nursing teams keep going just like the families they support.

Witnessing at first hand the vital support the charity provides in the home nursing care of her niece Olivia, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder, Cynthia is climbing Cardiac Hill in an effort to say thank you and enable the charity to continue providing the service and support to many families who find themselves in a very challenging place. For these families, their Jack & Jill nurses are their backbone and life line.  The charity enables families and carers to do normal day to day things, knowing their child is in professional care.

You too can climb a hill for those that can’t, show your solidarity and ask your friends to support you.   You may donate, to account IE90KIR099219301063740, or by placing a donation in one of our collection boxes.


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