Eily’s Report – 4th August

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

The Holiday Season is in full swing and not a trace of a plane in the sky. You can’t help wondering what is happening instead of the criss-cross lines up in the blue carrying thousands of people from one crowded airport to the other right across the world. Where did it all go and what have we got instead?  You’d think the world would grind to a halt if the likes happened but it hasn’t.  No it hasn’t because T.G. people refuse to be downed. In spite of all the knocks they find the grit to keep going the strong helping the weak  and everybody learning from the next.  Every day we read of people making determined efforts to get back up again, carry the day and survive.  That is why it is so important that we support home industry, shop at home, bring your support to those who will stand us in good stead for the future. It is truly amazing what a town like Millstreet has to offer.  Last week alone I got my Laptop serviced and my car smartened up without ever leaving the area and at very reasonable rates. There is a host of other services in the  area, all depending on our support. It’s great to see so many places being done up and painted and so many businesses getting back to work. Everything  forward-looking and no sign of giving up.  Long may the trend  continue.

What can we say about the response to Sean Radley’s Go-Fund-Me plea for the Museum. Needless to say like everybody else,I’m overjoyed but sad at the same time. Sad because it took so long for the museum complex at the Carnegie Hall to get it’s true recognition. Our museum and website are the heart and soul of what we are.  It’s our link with the entire world. It deserves a lot more space to allow it to reach it’s full potential and sadly when the Carnegie Hall  was being refurbished some years ago what used to be a two roomed facility  for the museum etc.was reduced to one, forcing massive amounts of its artifacts to be boxed and put into storage at Sean Radley’s  own expense. Since then he has literally worked miracles  in  limited space  to make today’s wonderful service a reality and talk of good coming out of bad. It took the worldwide Corona Virus plague to wake us up to this great need  on our own doorstep. One of Sean’s dreams was to put a book on every shelf and he did when he gave Picture Millstreet to us and to the world, I know he has big ambitions for our museum and website, we help him to achieve it. Shame on us if we don’t.  Sean’s work is so very important. When we see the value that is placed in images of the past  such as of late with the Centenary of the Fight for Freedom 1900/1920s. The way old photos were tracked down and treasured  his store of pictures must run into hundreds of thousands and all are kept in pristine condition and dated and named for generations to come to enjoy and by which family records can be traced. But his pictures are only one aspect of what he has in store for the future. Long may our dear Sean continue to do what Sean loves best. To enhance his community ,in so many ways. Thank God for HIM.                       And Thank You Sean.

Our Lotto Committee held their first meeting since March on Friday  night the last day of July. It was held in the function room of the Wallis Arms Hotel, where they were very well accommodated by the friendly staff. Social Distancing was a priority and all those present wore masks. Co-Chairmen Noel Buckley and Denis Twomey and Secretary Marie Twomey, presided and a great crowd attended. It was not an easy meeting because of distance and the compulsory wearing of masks. Marie spoke at length about the importance of the Lotto project.  She said it was the lifeline of our Community in aid of  The Town Park, The local GAA  and the Community Council for the Youth Complex. In present circumstances there are many problems to be overcome and many different ideas were discussed.  With no date so far given for the opening of the pubs, there was a lot to be considered. However we have a date for our grand return, Sunday August 16th. With a Jackpot of €8,400 up for grabs. In the interest of safety  all business will be done at the Wallis Arms Hotel for the time being by kind permission. Marie will put an official announcement of the website and the Parish leaflet. It is hoped that our Supporters will return and continue the wonderful support that they have given to their local Lotto for over 25 years. Needless to say there will be a few growing pains but with every shoulder to the wheel we will be back to normal very soon, le cúnamh Dé

The Wallis Arms Hotel was turning out some mouthwatering meals on Friday night and in spite of social distancing a fine crowd was catered for. It is open for meals every day. To book a table ring 029 71544.   Many other  food outlets in the town are also open for business and well worth a visit. We wish then all every success. Again of course we regret that our pubs are not allowed to open  but circumstances do not still allow, because of so many new cases of Covid 19. Let it be a reminder to everyone to take care, obey the rules ,and keep safe.

We are delighted to see that we have a new leisure service in the area, Pony Trekking. Read all about on the website  and give Neil a call right away. Oh how I wish I was younger. I’d be the first one up that road to get in the saddle. It brings back such happy memories of my young days when horses and donkeys were needed to work the land they were needed for everything that is done by oil power today. How we loved to climb on board and gallop across the fields bareback,with the wind and sometimes the rain in my hair, the feeling of freedom that is still with me today. Needless to say we had our mishaps but never broke a bone any other cuts and bruises,mended themselves. A lot of our joyriding had to be done in cognito. Because we were always told not to do it and when I think of it now I shudder at the thought but never regretted taking the chances. Donkeys are fierce rogues and played many games on us. Sometimes brushing along by a nearby hedge and the bushes would sweep us off his back and he’d gallop off throwing his hind legs in the air as if to say gotsa again.   Another  trick he had was to bend his head down very low, almost to the ground and trot along at speed and fall you out over his head. We rarely had a winkers on the donkey but got on and let him wander at will. Full of devilment but so lovable  and when we’d bring him something nice to eat, maybe a fist of oats or a spud he’d come like a lamb. It was so nice to stroke his warm body, stroke his face, just be with him, it was lovely. Women rarely drove horses, it was considered men’s work but the little ass was the Bean a Ti’s answer to getting to market. On Fridays,which were the fowl markets in the town, the donkey would be tackled up to it’s cart. And while men always sat on the front  of the horse car with legs dangling  her ladyship didn’t in her transport. Instead a board was fixed across the side guards of the donkey car and she sat sedately on it midway on the vehicle from where she was in full command,  with all her produce such as eggs, chickens, ducks and so on safely secured at her feet. Wrapped in her shawl she took on a queenly air, this was HER thing. She had  the fruits of her own labour to sell  and buy the messages with her own money. There would be no fol-dols, only  the necessities of life were bought and nothing was bought without having the full price of it. Tea and sugar  a loaf of bread as a treat, instead of the everyday homemade,  she’d go to the butcher for ‘fresh meat’(mate) for Sunday and the draper shop for Sunday socks for himself,( All working socks, she knitted at home) A bit of underwear for herself, shhh.  On meeting a friend ,there was time to drop in to any one of the tearooms in the town  or the snug in a pub, for a good chat and share the latest gossip.     Often jaw-dropping stuff  and at the end of the day the faithful little ass was  by then anxious to go home. So she would climb up on her ‘chariot’ once more and arrive home full of  messages, news, peggy’s leg, or bull’s eyes for the children and maybe a small Paddy for himself  and her weekly business in town  was complete. Oh how it all takes us back.

Please continue to take good care, obey all the rules, for our own sake and that  those who want to continue their business can do so . It isn’t fair if some take it carelessly and cause the pandemic to continue while others like others especially the pubs have to remain closed.

In the present situation it is regrettable that the rules governing funerals have to be kept up when people are not able to go and offer their concern and support for  the bereaved. In that light I’d like to offer our sincere sympathy to those who have lost loved ones in the recent past. RIP.

The new wave of crime involving the theft of dogs  is an unwelcome fact in recent times. Please be extra vigilant with regard to your pets and report any suspicious happenings in your area to the local gardai.

The Holiday Season is still with us, please make good use of every moment  to bring peace and relaxation  and enjoyment to yourself and to those around you. God  Bless.

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