“Radio Treasures” Tonight Features True Gems – from 9.30 to 11.00 pm on CMS!

Tonight…on this Bastille Day 14th July 2020… on “Radio Treasures” broadcast on Cork Music Station 9:30 to 11:00pm we feature our regular items with a splendid blend of uplifting songs and music as well as a variety of interesting musings.    Among the Treasures to feature tonight:

  1.  Reviewing the new Historic Collection presented by Eileen Cronin whose  interview a fortnight ago proved hugely popular with among the many Listeners a lady from a very famous family. This week Eileen shares a very rare 1916 Military Sports Programme which Major John Robson sent to Eileen in the 1960s.
  2. We hear about Millstreet Community Singers at Kanturk Community Hospital.   And we listen to one two of their songs.
  3. We especially remember the late Evelyne Perrot of Pommerit le Vicomte as well as Mary Quinn of Co. Clare both recently deceased.  We recall Anne Keane on her First Anniversary.
  4. We hear some very special songs such a “Flying by” composed by Davy Ryan and “When the Robins Return” wonderfully sung by Paudie McAuliffe from Shrone.  At the request of Pat and Olive Monaghan in Nevada Finbar Furey’s “The Old Man”.  And with the help of James Wickham of Minnesota, USA we hear the amazing singing voice of Kate Smith – the “American Dame Vera Lynn”.
  5. We listen to a brief interview at 10pm with Patrick W. O’Leary of Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
  6. We talk about Jerry Pat O’Leary’s superb recent 90 minute Podcast.
  7. And we chat about the images shared here:
    The late Evelyne Perrot wife of Yannick of Pommerit le Vicomte.
    The late Mary Quinn of Co. Clare – Very popular Judge at Green Glens over many years.
    Denis (D.J.) Reen giving an excellent interview on this Tuesday evening’s RTÉ News.
    Military Sports Programme 1916 presented by Eileen Cronin, Knocknagree.

    Patrick W. O’Leary at Museum in 2019. Patrick will feature on a 10pm interview on our programme tonight.

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Eily’s Report – 14th July

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

New seasons gooseberry jam and fresh homemade bread. Can you think of anything nicer? Nicer of course because of the wonderful taste, but nice also that a little bush in one’s own garden can produce such wonderful food in a matter of a few months. Raspberries, strawberries, not to mention the succulent green peas that have grown in a bucket are all yielding good returns. I planted twelve pea seeds all around the rim of a bucket full of compost and waited for them to grow, which they did and when they grew high I staked them with bamboo canes and lattice wire.They grew over six feet tall and are now hanging down with the weight of their crop. The great thing about doing this sort of thing is that people who have no more than a doorstep or balcony can enjoy the fruits of nature just as good as landowners. My crop may never see the pot but when I’m passing I can help myself to a large or small helping of lovely green peas. The magpie has taken a great liking to my raspberries. He  sizes up his target, which could be as much a four feet above him and take aim. I watched him from the window and he never once failed to land his prey. I don’t deter him. We are all entitled to our share. I have a rather interesting fruit coming on that didn’t ripen yet. It’s a cross between a gooseberry and a blackcurrant which we picked up in some garden center years ago, very tasty when its ripe.

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