Eily’s Report – 16th June

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

Hopefully a date will be fixed for the biggest break in the Covid19 regulations, the ban on hairdressing. No other section of the entire pandemic regulations gets more coverage. It went to the point of panic as people of both genders, but mostly the women, looked to the future in despair as tresses grew longer and white roots got whiter. The signs were everywhere. Social distancing brought us into every home right across the world as reporters gave us their news from their own sitting rooms. Devoid of make-up and hair grooming. Hair was full topic on every phone call or meeting and friends who normally turned on Skype refrained from doing so because they were reluctant to let anybody see how they looked, unkempt. It was easy to get hair colour and family members turned stylists with a mixture of perfect or disastrous results. Not everybody was lucky enough to have someone  to trim their locks or even have a pair of scissors suited to the task, so the next best thing was D.I.Y. Again the need for a professional touch was plain to see.  They say that after this pandemic, things will never again be the same and I think it will apply to the locks as well. Some say they’ll never dye their hair again, others when they’ve seen it in a different line will want to change their style.  Hairdressers will be over-run because everybody will want to be in first.   The discarded tresses will fill volumes. It will level out in time but for now we mustn’t let the hair problem , go to our heads.

I wonder are we beginning to change our sense of values. Listening to the request progam on radio you’d hear people sending congratulations to friends for different things. It could be because they won a big race or a match, or perhaps a cash prize. But it was a first for me when the other night, I heard a hearty congratulations  being  sent to somebody for getting his turf home. Sound man say I.

The heavy thunder rain that fell on Saturday evening didn’t take long to turn our parched land into a lush green oasis.  My lawn which was reseeded on May 19, is lush and green.  Most of the plants that were burnt by the frost on May 8th have recovered.   Every barrel and tub that I put out  under the down pipes  are  full to the brim with lovely rain water to nurture my flowers far into the months ahead. The claps of thunder came fast and furious I wouldn’t say that I’m afraid of it but a sprinkle  of the Holy Water that was Blessed by Fr. Jim Keneally on May Eve, did give me that extra confidence that all will be well. And it was . A farmer in County Clare had most of his herd of Milch cows killed by thunder at the weekend.  As I sit by my window just now, the skies are darkening up and the heavy rain has started. With more thunder forecast. We are still being asked to conserve water, thunder rain does  wonders for the land ,but does not replenish our reservoirs, so the ban on power washing or any waste of water goes on. Dogs of course are terrified of thunder and should always get special attention  while it is on. If not they often run away and must suffer a great deal of frustration with no one to calm them until it’s over. And never forget your dog is your best friend.

Many congratulations to Danny and Eileen Buckley, CloverHill ,who   featured on RTEs popular program, Ireland AM, having launched their latest baking product at their base at the Mount Leader Industrial Estate to add to their already extensive range of food ingredients which they import from many others countries. And we wish them continued good luck and success in the future.

The popular Ireland AM show, has issued an invitation to other business people to  display their products on  TV. Their details can be found on our website, millstreet.ie.

Well done to Shane Browne  who looks so relaxed on our website at the Blood Donor Clinic as he gives his 50th pint for this worthy cause. Well Done Shane.

I have a notice from Wm. FitzGerald to say that a fundraiser that he was involved in, in aid of the free ambulance service ,entitled. Bumblelance, has fallen victim to Covid19 and had to be cancelled. In an effort to continue to fundraise he has mounted a Go Fund Me page on Cork Music Station. Which can be accessed through our website millstreet.ie. Please support this worthy cause. The service is free to those who are in need of it and takes patients to many hospitals including Dublin.

Last Sunday was the Feast of Corpus Christie and in place of the customary Procession Canon John added many more prayers and a solemn Blessing. Deirdre Clancy added her own beautiful organ Music and our streamed choir finished with a hymn. A beautiful ceremony on the lovely feast of Corpus Christie. Please God next year we will have our usual Procession through the Town.

 This coming Sunday  June 21st, will be Father’s Day. I wonder what shape will it take. How are families going to let the man of the house know how much they cherish him. There will be no hotel bookings, no surprise tickets to his favourite football match  or the races or the dogs. No family member flying in from abroad to surprise him. Dads come in all shapes and sizes and so do families, but this year the regulations will have a lot do with the planning of their special day. For my part I wish every dad a very Happy Father’s Day.

Well done to the Aubane social  Club ,who went ahead with their Car Treasure hunt in spite of a downpour coupled with thunder and lightening  on Sunday evening . First home were Eileen O Riordan’s Daughter Lora and her husband Chris and daughters Ava and Ciara, 2nd Joan FitzGerald, 3rd The Twomey Family, Evan, Liam, and Chris , 4th, Marie O’Mahony, 5th,The Golden Family. 31 cars took part and the organisers would like to thank all those who took part in spite of the terrible  conditions. They also want to thank their many sponsors without whom this great event could not be held.

Bit by bit the  Covid19   regulations are easing, many of our shops are   creeping back and it is so important that we work with them. We are all still in it together, one slip, one local person get infected and everything that we have sacrificed for could be lost. The opening of Penny’s stores during the week left very little room for social distancing and time will tell what the outcome will be. In my heart I hope they will escape, because people “God love them” are out of their minds for change and excitement. To wear a mask or not to wear a mask is a question that still hasn’t been answered. Some say they are necessary, others say they are not safe in case not properly worn.  People with glasses can’t wear them because they fog up their lenses. For my part I believe that the two meters apart is the best and safest and of course the old faithful washing the hands and sanitising.     Pray to God every day that a vaccine will soon be found.

 On a lighter note I have finished my one thousand piece jig-saw. My first ever and it took the Covid19 to get me started. Frustrating at times,on the whole I found it highly therapeutic and enjoyable. Important too, because since I started it over two months ago I have never been at a loss for one minute as to what to do. Waiting for the kettle to boil or and egg to boil can seem to take forever,but with the jig-saw close by ,very often the boiling would be done too fast. I’ll be glad to have my counter back again, two months without it is enough.Next time D.V.  I’ll have it on a base that I can move around. But another jig saw is a must. Something new came to my notice this week when I visited a family member who had spread the contents of their composter on flowerbeds and pots only to find that now they have plants of every kind coming up ,courgettes, tomatoes, sunflowers you name it all growing from the contents of their composter and in some cases almost passing out the plants that they were put there to feed.   I didn’t know that the seeds of composted things came up like that, but then you live and learn.

I hope that lots of people can get Sean Radley’s programs throughout the week, on his Cork Music Station. I know he has a huge following but if somebody’s not then it’s a great loss and a pity. Tuesday nights from 9.30 to 11. And every morning after 10 am Mass for more than half an hour and on Sundays after 11.30 Mass Sean dishes out an array of beautiful entertainment that no one should miss. He reaches our people in all parts of the world and gives them a real taste of home.   Many others play a great part in keeping our website interesting and enjoyable until things get busy again. Lovely sunsets and cloud formations as well as animals in the fields or birds at work or play. Michael Cashman looks after the historic and genealogy side of things and everybody is allowed their say. Thanks to modern methods a fast flash of a camera can take a special place or thing to our people in faraway places at the touch of a button.   As always the bottom line is to please shop at home, keep up the prayers and take care.

 Have a good week. Slán.

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