“Radio Treasures” This Tuesday With Eily Buckley As Special Guest

An Invitation to tune into our weekly “Radio Treasures” on Cork Music Station at 9.30 until 11pm this Tuesday (5th May 2020).   Happy Listening!  (S.R.)    The main focus tonight is a special Phone Interview with Eily Buckley where Eily chooses her five favourite songs.

Eily Buckley

Also included in this evening’s programme:

  1.  Music and Songs aplenty including new releases.
  2.  Call outs to our Loyal Listeners worldwide.
  3.  Filming “Ryan’s Daughter” 50 years ago in West Kerry!
  4.  Time to smile!
  5.  Time to reflect – Wise Quotes.
  6.  Remembering our Faithful Departed.
  7. Carriganima Book just published…We share how Irish words are so much part of our English language in this area.
  8. Musings and Chatting about the attached images (Tap on the pictures to enlarge):
    Reflecting on the beauty of nature on my Clara Road walks.

    A preview of a wonderfully happy Wedding which we shall shortly be featuring on our Millstreet website – Michael and Siobhán and Family seen at the most memorable Wedding Reception in Tralee in Dec. 2019.
    This is Mark Neville’s magnificent and hugely creative 30 Question Local Quiz. Artist Supreme Mark Neville has shared this absolutely magical Millstreet Quiz where one is asked to identify the 30 locations or people or events for which Millstreet is renowned. This is a true masterpiece…superbly creative. Enjoy! The Answers may be viewed below.

    ‘All Things Millstreet’ quiz. Here are the answers: 1. The juggling convention. 2. Clara Inn 3. Clara Mountain 4. Donal Cashman 5. Global gathering 6. Eurovision 1993 7. Tubrid well 8. The Stables Bar 9. Millstreet Celtic 10. Mark Ellis 11. Millstreet Pitch And Putt 12. Shane Browne 13. West End United 14. Los Zarcos 15. Millstreet Gaa Hall 16. Seán Radley 17. Disney on Ice 18. The Malpaso Bar. 19. The Boston Bar. 20. Kilmeedy Castle 21. Aine Collins 22. Chris Eubank v Steve Collins Fight 23. The River Finnow 24. The Bridge Bar 25. The Butter road 26. The Railway Hotel 27. The Star ballroom 28. Pearl Jam concert in the Green Glens. 29. The River Blackwater. 30. Drishane Castle. I hope that settles any disagreements. Thanks so much for the shares. We are hoping to make a second edition so keep a lookout at the Nevdesign page…..Mark Neville

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