“Radio Treasures” on Cork Music Station Tonight 9:30 to 11:00

An Invitation to tune into our weekly “Radio Treasures” on Cork Music Station at 9.30 (until 11pm) this Tuesday (28th Apr. 2020).   Happy Listening!  (S.R.)

Highlights of this evening’s programme:

  1.  Music and Songs aplenty including new releases.
  2.  Call outs to our Loyal Listeners worldwide.
  3.  Filming “Ryan’s Daughter” 50 years ago in West Kerry!
  4.  Time to smile!
  5.  Time to reflect – Wise Quotes…St. Teresa of Calcutta’s 15 most inspirational quotes.
  6.  Remembering our Faithful Departed….Very especially the late Eileen Cotter for whom the beautiful song “Hallelujah” was a favourite.
  7. We chat with the Mayor of Cork County re the Trauma Bear Campaign of October 2019.
  8. We preview next week’s programme in which Eily Buckley will greatly feature.
  9.  Mini Quiz.
  10. Carriganima Book just published…We share how Irish words are so much part of our English language in this area.
  11. Musings and Chatting about the attached images (Tap on the pictures to enlarge):
    Eileen Cotter pictured with her pet dog “Buddy” at Clara Road in April 2011.
    Mayor of Cork Co. launches Trauma Bear Campaign at Millstreet Fire Brigade Station in Dec. 2019.
    Donagh Murphy on behalf of Millstreet GAA,  kindly delivers shopping for O’Keeffe’s Supervalu at Mount Leader, Millstreet.
    We celebrate the truly wonderful 106th Birthday of Julia Murphy.
    The magnificent beauty of nature on Clara Road, Millstreet.

    Spring sunset 2020 on Clara Road, Millstreet.

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Eily’s Report – 28th April

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde, and welcome to my report.

We have to start today by wishing the lovely Julia Murphy, Gortavehy a sparkling great 106th birthday, still hale and hearty, enabling her to enjoy every moment.  Julia has told her story over the years to Sean Radley, and it’s great to have it stored away for others to learn from as they make their own way up the ladder of life. Fondest love, and best wishes, dear Julia from our Community.

We are into the last few days of the month of April, the 5th of May can be far away as we anxiously await the verdict of the powers that be to let us know if we are to be released from our cocoon. Will we emerge as beautiful butterflies or caterpillars, I wonder. Seriously, though are we hoping to be told that we are free to go and  if we are , would we?  The stakes are high and after toeing the line so dutifully for the past five or six weeks would we break out now and run the risk of picking up the bug at the last hurdle. I doubt it.  The lockdown is by no means six wasted weeks. They can be seen as a gift, that has seen people from all walks of life, using them to catch up with some of the finer things of life, quality time with family and children, going for walks exploring new places in the locality that were always there but never had the time to stop and admire or learn about. In many cases telling others and letting them in on it as well. We  thank God for the continued fine weather. There isn’t a house in the country and maybe the whole world that hasn’t got a new coat of paint, a new garden fence  or long awaited repairs indoors. It  was great to see the roads almost devoid of traffic and see families  out cycling their bikes with gay abandon. Who could fault it.

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