“Where the Road Takes Me” Emphasises Positivity This Sunday on C103 at 7pm

We thank Presenter, John Greene for advance information regarding this Sunday evening’s programme on C103 at 7pm.  (S.R.)

The theme of this week’s edition of Where the road takes is positivity – a vital component of getting through these difficult times brought upon us by Covid-19.

John Greene has invited past contributors to the programme to give their personal observations on the virus and how it has effected their area.  It is mandatory for all the contributors that their words are positive and of a helpful nature.

A politician, a nun, a publican, a poet, a farmer and a parish priest have their say on how we can emerge from this pandemic mentally intact and with a new and positive outlook on life.

Architecture critic with the Financial Times, Edwin Heathcote returns to tell us how he got into hot water with one of his suggestions on working from home.

Where the road takes me takes a positive route this Sunday evening at 7 – on C103.


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