John Manley, London & The Square

MANLEY, JOHN (Muswell, London and The Square, Millstreet) The death has occurred of John Manley on April 12th 2020, peacefully, in the exceptional care of Barnet Hospital, London. Beloved husband of the late Esther (née Cashman, Tullig House). Dear brother to James (Kanturk), Mick (Bandon), Fr. Denjoe (Hull), Anthony (Mr. O, the Square), Betsy (Rathmore), and Sr. Margaret (England) , all deceased. Adored father of the late Kathleen and Michelle, Marie, Diane, very special son-in-law Mark, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. Greatly missed by all of his family and friends especially the Manleys and Cashmans in Millstreet.

John and Esther were hugely popular in Muswell and will be remembered with great love and affection in the neighbourhood. A private committal will take place in St. Marylebone Crematorium, East End Road, East Finchley on April 29th at 4pm. A memorial mass will be held in Millstreet at a later date. [f] [Much Loved]

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  1. In tribute to the late John and also to the late Estie we reflect on John’s great friendliness, approachability, impeccable taste in fashion – always looking dapper – and his great love of his native Millstreet…all these praiseworthy qualities also applying to Estie. He was a Gentleman Supreme and was universally popular in Millstreet and far beyond. In Millstreet Museum we have on permanent display the beautiful artwork of the late Michelle Bates (the daughter of Estie and John) which John presented many years ago – exquisite Fabrege Egg Craft – constantly admired. As a child in the 1950s I can recall the great excitement in The Square, Millstreet when John and Estie were visiting from London. They always called to see all the relatives and neighbours. He used to hoist me into the air…but thankfully always caught me on the way down! Both Estie and John were clearly Ambassadors Supreme for Millstreet and Ireland in London. God rest both Estie (who predeceased John) and John. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a nanamacha dílse.

  2. Quite wonderful people as Sean Radley says so
    They went off to live in England many years ago
    They did not have to travel that far each other for to meet
    Their love it did blossom in their Hometown of Millstreet

    Far from the Town in view of high Claramore
    Their future was to be on Ireland’s sister shore
    John Manley and Esther Cashman their family in England did raise
    Where perhaps they often reminisced on their younger days

    In Tullig on the high ground and in Millstreet Town
    Where on ancient Clara Mountain as ever looks down
    And of the friends they grew up with in their younger years
    Old memories does outlive the nostalgic tears

    In Duhallow two good people who did not choose to stay
    In England they settled from Millstreet far away
    Their adventurous spirits took them to live elsewhere
    To England’s biggest City in the big World out there

    Two migrants from Millstreet who lived as man and wife
    John Manley and Esther Cashman their love lasted for life
    They died far from where their journey in life for them began
    Tullig and Millstreet Town where they grew into a young woman and a young man

    We are born as mortals why otherwise pretend
    And our journeys in life for us all have to end
    John Manley and Esther Cashman in Millstreet grew old
    But their lives stories surely deserve to be told.

    John Manley And Esther Cashman is by Francis Duggan

    1. Francis – John & Esther would have been so very impressed with your truly wonderful Poem. Your Tribute is greatly appreciated by so many. Esther and John were universally loved by All. Long may you share your magnificent poetry with the world. Stay safe and well, Francis Duggan.

  3. Johnny Manley the best dressed man in London!

    I have tried to keep this short, but there’s so much to say!

    It was a very cold New Year’s Eve,
    myself and the girlfriend popped into what was Keenans bar on Colney Hatch Lane in Muswell Hill, I think it was 2009/10

    We ordered a Guinness and sat chatting about Christmas, the pub wasn’t too busy as it was the afternoon. An extremely well presented gentleman ( a fine cut of a man as they say ) was moving from table to table ferrying the empties to the bar.
    Our drinks were coming to an end and the only man wearing a tie made a b-line for our table, lifting my empty glass, he enquired in a familiar songful cork tone, how are ye?

    We got chatting and I asked where he was from? Millstreet cork he replied, I couldn’t believe it! my mother ( Julia Lehane ) is from millstreet I said, I mentioned the Lehane’s, he knew them well.

    That was the point in time where Johnny became a great friend, he was the most insiteful and interesting man you could meet.

    Over the years, I would pop into Keenans bar seeking out Johnny to have the craic and talk about Millstreet. Just for the record – John didn’t work at the bar, he just wanted to help and was a restless sort who was blessed with a wonderful benevolence which benefited the local community no end, he had to keep moving! I used to see him on Muswell hill walking the neighbours dog Riley which was a sausage dog, John would refer to him as Riley the low loader! He used to tell me stories of the tug o war contest, and the wonderful nights he had at the star ballroom in Millstreet.

    I would get him the Clonakilty white and black pudding and would bring it round to himself and lovely Esther, my mother also kept in touch with John and she also came to see him one day in Keenans bar, he was delighted!

    John moved to London in the 1950s,
    both John and Esther were a tremendous addition to the city!

    Esther and John are waltzing once more in the star ballroom!

    My deepest condolences to his family, England sheds a tear for my friend the best dressed man in London!

    Barry McBrearty

    1. Barry…What a truly magnificent Tribute you pay in memory of John & Esther. We can all echo the wonderful sentiments you express – especially the dapper style for which John and Esther were so well known. John’s Family were expert Tailors in Millstreet and clearly John kept up the tradition of very impressive style all his life. Your memory of John being so willing to help all wherever he was is so accurate. Thanks a million for sharing such a marvellous memory of John and Esther. God rest them both.

      1. Well done once more Francis. Long may you continue to keep the history of our people alive in your wonderful rhyme. John & Ester are rubber stamped in your annals, like so many others before them, where they belong. RIP. Many Thanks.

  4. I moved to York after my wife Kathleen passed away to be with my two sons.I lived in Barnard Hill beside john and Elsie.The last time I saw him he was housebound but he didn’t complain.They were great neighbours,always helpful.Thanks for the memories and lovely Muswell Hill.RIP John and Elsie.Bill Mackle.

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