“Where the Road Takes Me” This Sunday at 7pm on C103

Many thanks to Presenter John Greene for advance information regarding this evening’s C103 programme – 5th April 2020.  (S.R.)

Recorded before social distancing came to place, we revert to the Michael McCarthy story, part one of which was broadcast two weeks ago.  This Sunday evening on Where the road takes me,  John Greene concludes this two part programme. 

Michael was co-founder of the Ritz Showband who were based in Bandon during the 1950s and ’60s.

While we reminisce on the golden era of the showbands on both programmes, we also hear about life afterwards.

Michael talks about his time in the motor industry, and  his concern for the environment and it’s wildlife inhabitants. It may be one small step, but by putting his money where his mouth is, he hopes that young people will take those concerns on board. Who can honestly say that mistreating the earth, hasn’t been in some way responsible for Covid-19 which has already claimed so many human lives.. 

And we hear how local musicians from the showband era have used their experiences to form a concert band locally.

Part two of Michael McCarthy’s story on Where the road takes me – this sunday evening at 7 – on C103..

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