Daniel McCarthy, born c.1755 in Millstreet

My mother was a McCarthy. I have traced her family line back to Daniel McCarthy who was born in Millstreet in 1755.
Are there any McCarthy historians who might be related to Daniel McCarthy who was born in Millstreet in 1755 because then we would be related?
I would love to meet them when I visit Ireland in September.
Thank you.
Bill McNeil <email>

Admin’s Notes:

His Grave in Inchigeela? [Find a Grave]

Ancestry: Daniel Buckley
Owen McCarthy (1730–1770)
Catherine Moynihan (1730–)
Jeremiah McCarthy (1753–1774)
Owen McCarthy (1756–1828)
Denis McCarthy (1759–1834)
Mary McCarthy (1761–1761)
Joanna McCarthy (1764–)
Barbara McCarthy (1768–)

Geni: Daniel McCarthy: (Son of Owen McCarthy and Catherine McCarthy (Moynihan) Brother of Jeremiah McCarthy; Owen McCarthy; Denis McCarthy; Mary McCarthy; Mary McCarthy; Joanna McCarthy; Barbara McCarthy; Charles MacCarthy; Mary MacCarthy; Anne MacCarthy and Catherine MacCarthy)

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