Panniers lost/stolen?

The panniers shown on the bike in this photo were left behind this afternoon, Sunday 12th Jan at 15.30, outside McCarthy’s Bar. When we went back to look for them they were gone. They haven’t been handed in to the Garda Station or local pubs or hotel.

Maybe someone took it up to keep it safe. Let’s hope! I’ve lots of bits and pieces in it for cycling that are really no use to anyone except myself -helmet, gloves etc. The panniers are quite new also and I really like them 😫

The panniers have been found and safely returned to it’s owner.  

1 thought on “Panniers lost/stolen?”

  1. My panniers have been found and have been handed in to McCarthy’s Bar. Thank you to the kind gentleman who put it safely on the Bank of Ireland wall and also to Meabh who saw the post and handed it from there in to McCarthy’s. We cycled the Butter Road today and saw some of your beautiful countryside. Given this amazing experience of the kindness of the people of Millstreet, we will certainly be back!

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