Eily’s Report – 17th December

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my report.

They said it wouldn’t catch them all and they were right. Yes i’m living proof that the Flu jab doesn’t guarantee and flu free winter.  My watering eyes and pain filled  joints and a palate devoid of any taste leaves no doubt in my mind that I have  the flu.  It reminds me of the flu that we used to get many many years ago  always after Christmas or early Spring. Never worse than  when the calving season was in full swing. Nearly everyone in the house used to get it but sick or no sick the animals had to be taken care of. After calving each cow had to be give a warm bran drink for three days, multiply that three or four cows calving at the same time. Water had to be fetched from the stream, turf from the shed and the big pot put on the range or over the open fire. With a long wait for the water to heat up and then take it to the cows in their stalls.  Meanwhile the sick people in their beds would be pleading for something to soothe their own misery.

I was thinking of that in the past couple of days when I was consigned to the land between the sheets myself. The difference between then and now. Oil heating that kept the house around me warm. In my bed an electric blanket  with the flick of my thumb turned the heat around me either up or down in accordance with my needs. The charger for my phone plugged in within my reach if the appliance was running low. Which enabled me to keep pace with the outside world. No need to go outside for a loo that was near also. What changes we have seen in our lifetime. And I thank God today for the hard primitive times that we came through because in spite of my sick feeling  I found myself enjoying the simple comforts around me. Would I, if i hadn’t come from the cold conditions of long ago?  The comfort doesn’t take away the pain but just makes things more bearable.

Christmas Plays  and parties were the order of the day again this past week. One such event at the Presentation Convent National School grew into a Special Mass followed by refreshments in the GAA Hall  to the celebrate the retirement of the popular Joan O’Mahony, following   years of dedicated work in the education of hundreds of children(Teaching since 1981 and Principal since 2001).We’d like to say thanks to Joan for all her great work and we wish the youthful  Joan many years of happy retirement.

Cloghoula National School held their most enjoyable Christmas Play and party yesterday (Monday) morning.  A large crowd of parents, grandparents and neighbours crowded into the lovely country school as they always do on such occasions. After the Play there were refreshments galore and the Christmas Spirit was all around.

Still with Cloghoula School, they are asking for  used clothing which can the dropped  off at the school any day from 9.30 to 2.30.

Our town gets brighter every night with more and more people lighting up their places as the days go on. The Bear-in-the-Square is firm favourite again this time, surrounded by an explosion of snow-white decorations.and backed by the local businesses.  But some of the residents at Drishane Hill beats them all. Living as they are on the entrance to our town, the atmosphere they create shows Millstreet in a magic glow of bright lights, for all those who pass along to enjoy. The Swan in Fountain at the West End and other pieces in the same area gives the town great length to the eye of those passing through. Well done to all who are making the extra effort.

On Saturday night the “Do this in Memory” Mass drew a very large crowd of children who are about to get their First Holy Communion and their parents and families. The Community Singers attended  and this Mass was followed by a Cake sale in the Parish Centre organised by two of our 5th year students who like others before them will travel to Lourdes at Easter as helpers. They must raise up to €700 each to defray their costs.

The Season of Love and Understanding was never so much in vogue as it is at the moment. All around us there are collections and fundraising events, food collections  etc as kind people give their all to bring some warmth and comfort to those in need.

Our Community  Council held their monthly meeting at the Wallis Arms Hotel on Tuesday night.  Sargent Paul Lynch attended. There was a fine attendance and many items  of importance discussed. Calendars for 2020 were handed out to be given to various outlets to sell. Sadly due to some unknown reason a small number were found to have mistakes in their content. It was worrying to note that some had already gone out unnoticed. So they are asking anybody who got a faulty copy to please return it to base and it will be replaced.

Sargent Lynch commented on the increased numbers who have joined the Text Alert project. And praised all those who were instrumental in making it so popular with the public adding that our country is now a safer place because of it. Before the meeting ended the Chairman Noel Buckley wished everybody a Holy and happy Christmas. Some seasonal refreshments were then served and enjoyed by all.

Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which was held at Corkery’s Bar on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were 12,15,28,31 and the jackpot was not won. €100 went to Fionn O Mahony c/o Colemans and Colemans got €50 sellers prize. €50 went to Swop, c/o Michelle Whelan.   €20 each to Mary Murphy, Guys and Dolls Salon, Michael Casey,c/o Aroma Cafe, Millstreet GAA, Margaret Murphy, Cloghoulabeg, Patrick Cronin, Liscahane,    Breda Crowley, Rathmore.  Maceolous Akambh,c/o the Mal Paso Bar and Lad c/o Mary O’Connor.   Next lotto draw will be held at the MalPaso bar on Sunday December 22nd and will be the last before Christmas .

 Penitential Services will be held in our Church this evening from 7.30 to 8.30. Visiting priests will attend and the Blessed Sacramant will be exposed for the hour.

As I said at the beginning I’m off form, to put it mildly. So I’ll sign off and wish you all the very best as another Festive Season draws near.

Agus sinn a bhfuil a chairde, slán is beannacht Dé libh go léir.

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