Noreen Lucas, Switzerland (née Duggan of Lisnaboy)

Mass in Cullen Church on Saturday next the 7th December 2019 at 10.30am will be for the repose of the soul of Noreen Lucas née Duggan, daughter of Eileen and the late Noel Duggan of Lisnaboy, Cullen, who passed away on November 21st in Switzerland.  Internment took place in Switzerland.

Swiss death notice:

You carried us into your heart
Ours will be imbued with your love.
Your strength, your determination, your courage
make you a mother in gold.
With all our love.

Her husband and sons: Charles Lucas, Christopher and Matthew, at Remaufens;
Her mother Eileen Duggan, Lisnaboy / Ireland;
Her sisters, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, nephews and nieces:
Pauline and Owen Doyle, in Killkenny / Ireland, and family;
Catherine and Jerry O’Keefe, Cork / Ireland, and family;
Christine and Ken Devitt, Dublin / Ireland, and family;
Mary and Danny Roche, Cork / Ireland, and family;
Denise Duggan and her friend Rick, Cork / Ireland;
Diana and Richard Schweitzer, Remaufens;
Yvonne and Irwin Sheer, Sedona / USA;

Her uncles and aunts, his cousins ​​and cousins in Ireland and England: as well as family, in-laws and friends, have great sadness to report the death of:

Mrs. Noreen Marie Lucas

Taken away from their tender affection on Thursday, November 21, 2019, in her 47th year, after a long and painful illness endured with strength, courage and dignity, surrounded by the love of her family and comforted by the sacraments of the Church.

The Mass of the last farewell will be celebrated at Remaufens Church on Wednesday, November 27, 2019, at 2 pm, followed by burial at the cemetery.

A prayer vigil will bring us to the said church on Tuesday, November 26, 2019, at 7:30 pm

Our dear wife and mother Noreen will rest on Monday, November 25th in the chapel of the Farewells of the same church.

We will offer donations that will replace your flowers to organizations helping children with cancer. []


From the British Residents Association of Sqitzerland:

Noreen Marie Lucas
2nd May 1973 — 21st November 2019

(Noreen’s family asked me to prepare some words to say at her funeral on 27th November. Although I did not speak, here is what I would have said on your behalf.)

I first met Noreen when she was manning the Welcome Desk at the 2012 Jubilee Concert in Geneva. I have a picture of a swarming, seething throng of people wanting tickets. Alone behind the desk was this calm, competent and utterly charming Irish woman, doling out their tickets with a smile and a joke, whipping them all into line, and making them happy. I was not a member of the BRA then and had only intermittent contact with Noreen for some years after.

When I joined the Council, I discovered just how powerful Noreen was in running the association. She was recruited as the BRA Secretary by Joanna Koch in 2002. In Joanna’s words ”Noreen modernised the administration, worked hard on the finances, improved the Bulletin, brought in new members, and so on. Her presence and dedication with the BRA have been wonderful.” Presence and Dedication; Those 2 words sum up what Noreen’s gave to the BRA. Technically she worked 2 days a week for us. In practice she gave much more than that. She not only worked for BRA, she was truly part of its soul.

Noreen was the first point of contact, the “face“, of the BRA even to those who never met her in person. And the face she presented was full of humour, kindness and it said WELCOME. When organising events, on the telephone, or on email, she was the presence; patient, calm under pressure, understanding in all matters  — except when anyone misplaced the apostrophe in the British Residents’ Association title!

For “her” members –– and to Noreen they were her members –– she was always ready with words of advice or comfort. She gave them (individually and collectively) her time and her dedication. She went that extra mile to get the best for them. Since I announced Noreen’s death, I have had a stream of replies from BRA members. They are consistent in how they each feel a personal loss but also recognise how much greater the loss must be for Noreen’s family.

I am the eighth BRA Chairman who has been fortunate enough to have had the benefit of Noreen’s support and friendship. Since 2016 she has been my rock, helping me avoid the pitfalls, advising me on what had gone on before and whispering quietly in my ear when she thought that I was going off the rails. I have described Noreen as the Engine Room of the BRA. Today BRA has lost its Chief Engineer. When we were having difficulties, Noreen would say “We two are Taureans. We keep going.” During her long fight against her terrible illness, her Taurean stubborness came through. When I saw her in hospital in October, she said “I will not give up”. The reason she would not give up was because of her love for Charles and the two boys she talked about with such pride. My sympathy and that of all the BRA members goes out to them for their long period of suffering and for their tragic loss of wife and mother.

Today there is mourning, not just here in this church, but in homes throughout Switzerland as this lovely and much-loved lady leaves us and finds peace and rest. Her family can be proud of what she brought to this world in a life, tragically cut short. She will remain not only in the minds of the BRA but also in the hearts of the many she touched with her kindness, generosity and friendship. We will each miss her for different reasons. I especially will miss my confidante, supporter and friend.  Though we will all miss her, she has touched each of our lives for the better and we will not forget her.

May she now rest in peace.

Graham Robertson,
BRA Chairman
27 November 2019

2 thoughts on “Noreen Lucas, Switzerland (née Duggan of Lisnaboy)”

  1. So very sorry to hear of your loss. Noreen and Pauline were my first friends in Cullen NS and we traveled the length and breadth of the country with the Pipe Band in our teenage years. So very deeply saddened to hear of Noreen’s untimely departure from this life. My condolences to her husband, sons and to her mother, sisters and their families.
    Collette O’Connor

  2. Dear Noreen like a warm wind you entered my heart
    You gave me two wonderful and sturdy sons who you taught to love and care for others. You have left behind a life full of cherished memories
    You shared our love and gave always gave.
    You were our morning sunshine the warmth that lit our days.
    You took your illness as a challenge and always wanted to dominate it, you fought even to your last conscious breath, you wanted to get up again and walk by our sides.
    Noreen you have unmatched courage, determination and faith you are an admirable companion in life and death.
    Thank you for letting me in to be a part of it.
    So long my love you will glow as the next sunrise warms our hearts.
    Dear all a thought must go to Sam Seale, my friend and best man who succumbed to cancer in 2017.
    And Noel Duggan father, grandfather who left us in 2006.
    A minutes silence to reflect
    Dear family, thank you for helping to carry the burden during these sad moments, and all the strength and comfort you have given us over the months.
    Dear friends thank you for honoring Noreen
    Time has come to take you to your resting place my dear.
    Inhumed in Remaufens on the 27th of November 2019

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