Bridget Kelleher, Drishanebeg (1860-1936)

Hello, I visited Millstreet this September but couldn’t quite catch up with Mr. Radley. My great-grandmother was Bridget Mary Francis Kelleher and was born in Millstreet 1 FEB 1861. Her parents were Timothy Kelleher and Johannah Murphy. She and her husband, David Morrissey (or Morrison) emigrated to the US in 1889. I’d love to make contact with any relatives and to know more about the family. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. [1]
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Michael Morrissey
The below information is added by the admin to give some context, and to figure out who her family were. Easy enough to track Bridget, but we’re at a bit of a loss to figure out immediate family: 

Baptism of BRIGIDA (BRIDGET) KELLIHER of DRISANE BEG on 2 February 1860 (born on the 1st) to Timothy Kelliher and Johanna Murphy, by Fr. Thomas Nolan. Sponsored by Denis Murphy and Ellen Kelleher.

Baptism of JULIA KELEHER of DRISHANBEG on 2 May 1862, to Timothy Kelleher and Johanna Murphy of Drishanebeg, at Millstreet Church by Fr T. Brosnan. Sponsored by Daniel Murphy and Abigail Shea. see more below:

One ancestry profile lists her siblings as Mary Kelleher (1853–1926), Jeremiah Kelleher, Julia Lucey, Hannah Sweeney Lucey, Norah Kelleher … but with no verification as to this (will try to get verification)

Marriage of David Morrissy and Bridget Kelleher, both of 77 Old Georges St, Cork. He a victualler, son of Michael Morrissy (dead), farmer. She the daughter of Timothy Kelleher, a farmer. Witnessed by William Morrissey and Julia Cunningham.

Mary Josephine Morrissey 1884–1897. Born 8 Lavitt’s Lane, Cork
Peter Charles Morrissey 1887–1958. Born 8 Lavitt’s Lane, Cork
Nora Genevieve Morrissey 1889–1967
Henry James Morrissey 1892–1980
Francis Joseph Morrissey 1894–1954
Marguerite Marie Morrissey 1897–1966
Julia Madeline Morrissey 1899–1901
Michael Thomas Morrissey 1900– ???
Esther Eugenia Morrissey 1902–1919
Timothy Vincent Morrissey  ????

(note: 1900 census says 9 children, 6 alive; 1910 census says 10 children, 6 alive but there are 10 above)

Emigration to America
David and Bridget moved with their two children Mary and Peter to Massachusetts in 1889.


Bridget Kelleher in 1931 on her 50th wedding anniversary at 10 Maitland Street, Hyde Park, Massachusetts

Her parents and siblings?
No information on what happened to them but this might be it:

I wonder if her father went by the name Thomas in later life? (not a too uncommon thing in those days)
The reason is that a Julia Kelleher of the same age, and from Drishanebeg married a James Kelleher in 1886, her father was Thomas, and mother Johanna. Also confirmation from Julia’s descendants that she had a sister Bridget:

Marriage of JAMES KELLEHER of Carriganima and JULIA KELLEHER of Drishanebeg on 09 March 1886, in Millstreet Church by Fr Arthur S. Griffin. He the son of John and Margaret Kelleher of Carriganima (farmers), she the daughter of Thomas and Johanna Kelleher of Drishanebeg (farmers). Witnessed by John J Murphy and  Daniel Murphy  [church register].

1901 census: Residents of a house 3 in Drishane Beg (Rathcool, Cork). James and Julia have 7 children:

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Kelleher James 45 Male Head of Family
Roman Catholic
Kelleher Julia 42 Female Wife Roman Catholic
Kelleher John 13 Male Son Roman Catholic
Kelleher Maggie 12 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Kelleher Tom 10 Male Son Roman Catholic
Kelleher Kathleen 9 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Kelleher Dan 7 Male Son Roman Catholic
Kelleher William 5 Male Son Roman Catholic
Kelleher Timothy Male Son Roman Catholic

1911 census: Residents of a house 1 in Drishane Beg (Rathcool, Cork). James and Julia have now had 10 children (7 alive):

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Kelleher Julia 51 Female Head of Family
Roman Catholic
Kelleher Thomas 20 Male Son Roman Catholic
Kelleher Daniel 17 Male Son Roman Catholic
Kelleher William 16 Male Son Roman Catholic
Kelleher Timothy 10 Male Son Roman Catholic


That Thomas Kelleher died in 1891, aged 85, and Johanna died in 1897  aged 78 [grave]

The Kelleher home at Drishanebeg

The Kelleher Home in Drishanebeg [GMaps]
Their home was where Roches farmyard is now (sold in 1952). Catherine (Kathleen) married Denis Healy of the Square (the jeweller’s house, uncle of Conchubhar Ó hÉalaithe) in 1927, and they had two children Connie and Eileen who both went to America. [Healy grave in Drishane]

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[Bridget Mary Frances Kelleher – (Bobguy85) – good]
[Bridget Mary Frances Kelleher (Charles Morrissey) – more information but does contains inaccuracies with Bridget’s parents]
[Julia Kelleher (Kezox)


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